How many times have you bent your WJ’s stock tie rod or drag link?  Does it look more like the horizon of the Moon than the plains of Kansas?  Well, we’ve come up with yet another creative solution for you, with parts you simply can’t find anywhere else.

How does a 1.25″ chrome-alloy steel DOM tube with 3/8″ sidewall sound to you?  You know how thick a pencil is, right?  It’s about 50% thicker wall than a pencil…!!  I’ll have some photos up soon, but this thing is EXTREMELY resilient to bending!!

Already pre-tapped to work with your WJ’s factory 24mm (0.945″) LH/RH tie rod ends, which are PLENTY beefy, even for hardcore rock crawling, and includes powdercoating and jamb nuts.  A completely bolt-in deal for WJ owners…just re-use your stock WJ tie rod ends and use the jamb nuts that comes in the package…simple, easy, done deal, and LOT thicker than the stock crap.

I love it! You did a great job !! anyway I drove to Jemez Springs, New Mexico last week and this is a pic. You can add it to your collection if you wish…
– Danny Trujillo

In each photo, compare the thickness of the factory WJ tie rod segment on the left and the Hard-KOR WJ tie rod segment on the right.

Hard-KOR WJ Tie Rod and Drag Links

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