What comes around, goes around...

Thought I'd share a story with you... The other day, I was in the checkout line at Sprouts, buying some groceries, and wine, and as I was loading the cart onto the counter, I dropped one of the bottles of wine, shattering it all over the floor. The clerk behind the counter puts me at ease, saying, "Don't worry about it...happens all the time!". He calls over help to mop it up, has one of his co-workers open another register, and diverts other customers around my mess, and I go back to the rack to get another bottle. When I get back to the register, I tell him that I want to have him charge me for two of the bottle that I just handed him...once for the one I broke, and once for the one that I'm buying. He tells me that it's not their policy (to charge the customer for broken product), and again, assures me it's OK. I insist, telling him, "Well, it's my policy to be responsible for my actions at every moment...it was totally my doing, and I'd feel better if you'd charge me for the broken one too." He agrees to do so, rather than arguing with me about it, scans the bottle a second time, and then laughs. I look at him, and he said, since you ended up purchasing a 6th bottle of wine, our normal 10% 6-bottle discount automatically kicks in, and it covered all but $1.50 of the cost of the broken bottle!" Awesome! I've found whether you throw out a positive or you throw out a negative, you get one back! I had no idea it would be so instantaneously, though!! Anyway, thought you'd enjoy my cool story. I walked away with a smile on my face, knowing I did the right thing (in my mind, anyway), and a new loyalty for Sprouts !
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  • What comes around, goes around… http://t.co/3YMWe7Vu

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