Kevin's Offroad

Kevin's Offroad

Kevin’s Offroad: 4x4/Overland/Offroad Vehicle Parts

Kevin’s OffRoad is well-known for serving the Overland, Expedition, 4x4, and Offroad community with the most rugged equipment we can muster, and priced at an amazing value.  

We serve it up with our commitment to extraordinary customer service…and top it off with our Lifetime Guarantee on most of the parts we manufacture.

Welcome to the KOR family…

…and thank you for hanging out with us. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hard-core off-road junkie or you’re new to offroading and the Overland / Expedition 4x4 world…you’ve come to the right place.  

At KOR, you’ll find the top-notch quality parts that will get where you want to go – and even more importantly…back home safely when you’re done having fun. 

We offer over 500 products that will fit Jeep, Toyota, Dodge, Ford, Chevy/GM, Nissan, and more.

The First Chapter…

Kevin has been camping and exploring with his Jeep and 4x4 rigs offroad since 1993, and was constantly coming up with ideas for unique products which had not been manufactured yet.  

That creative mind and entrepreneurial spirit is where Kevin’s Offroad began…in a single-car garage in Phoenix, Arizona, way back in 1999.

Keeping Americans Working…

And, you may be impressed to find out, that 100% of our products we manufacture are STILL hand-crafted in the USA.

Kevin is passionate about “Keeping Americans Working“…a phrase that you’ll see all over our website, and a guarantee that you’ll find top-quality in our products.  

Most of our competitors offshore their products, which gives them more profit, but hurts our next-door neighbors who work in the manufacturing sector, and hurts our economy as well.

Do You Want To Explore More…both Offroad and On?

You might agree that the 4x4 / Overlanding / Expedition Lifestyle is more of a requirement, than it is a luxury…so our detailed descriptions will help you determine which high-quality products are right for you, to help you explore, camp, and back into the great outdoors.

Thanks for stopping in.  Check out all the great stuff we have for your 4x4 here!