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Jeep Wheel Spacers JK, WJ, WK, WK2, & XK

Have you put taller tires on your Jeep to get extra ground clearance, only to find that your new tires now rub on your control arms and body panels?  If so, then you need our Jeep Wheel Spacers! These 6061T6 aluminum spacers are 1.5” thick, set to a 5 on 5" bolt pattern, and in addition, each wheel spacer is wheel and hub centric for a perfect fit.  These wheel spacers are an easy way of pushing out your taller front tires to keep them from rubbing on your control arms and body panels during turns.  Add them to your rear wheels to keep them in...

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Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Death Wobble Cure - Package Deal

What is Death Wobble?  If you're asking, then you're lucky, because most likely you've never experienced it.  If you ever do, you will know this terrifying experience immediately, and you will never forget it.  Death Wobble can happen on vehicles with a solid front axle and independent suspension, whether the rig is lifted or stock. It is such a large problem that Chrysler has recently acknowledged the issue publicly, but at the moment will not cover it under warranty.  We have created our Hard-KOR Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Death Wobble Cure to address this issue.  We have an e-book here that explains the...

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Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Transfer Case Skid Plate

Check out our Hard-KOR Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee transfer case skid plate!  Have you ever looked under your Jeep and noticed the shiny transfer case bulge hanging down?  Have you ever wondered why it was shiny while the rest of the undercarriage was black?  The reason is that it's aluminum.  It's not only extremely brittle because it's CAST aluminum, it's also very thin. We've designed a 1/4" thick steel skid plate to provide as much ground clearance as possible, while protecting the fragile aluminum transfer case from sharp rocks and other obstacles that could leave you broken down on the trail, and much lighter in...

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Jeep XJ Cherokee Steering Box Brace '84 - '01

Have you noticed looseness in your steering? 

Have you checked the mounting bolts on your steering gear? 

Do they come loose often?  

If so, then you need to check out our Jeep XJ Cherokee Steering Box Brace! Let me impress upon you how important it is to KNOW that those bolts are tight!  

On a trip through Pritchett Canyon in Moab, I had a bolt sheer off AND rip off one of the ears on the steering box, rendering my steering pretty much useless. Not a good situation to be in.

Your steering box is essentially a hydraulic-assisted lever with a bracket...

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Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Roof Rack 1999 - 2004

Are you looking for a Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Roof Rack that looks great and works even better? KOR has a round tube version of the old-fashioned utility roof racks that every Jeep owner needs at one point or another.  Our Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Roof Racks are built like no other... sturdy, solid, and lightweight (59 - 68lbs depending on version). We've overbuilt them so that you'll have room for suitcases, Rubbermaid containers, Hi-Lift jack, spare tire, and anything else you need to fit up there.  They also offer exclusive features that no other roof racks do; one being...

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