Ultimate 2-1/4" lift kit for ZJs

Want to keep it simple for your first lift? Want to test the water without investing a bunch of time and money in parts and installation labor? If you are looking for a 31"~32" tall tire and need a lift to run with it, you can't beat the value of this 2-1/4" budget boost system. These poly spacers are made specifically to Kevin's specifications, use the highest quality polyurethane material and molding process available, and come with a *Lifetime Warranty* against cracking, splitting, chipping, discoloration...pretty much anything you can throw at them. Keeping the "BFYB" ratio in high gear, here is my "ultimate short-arm system", giving you the best Bang-For-Your-Buck possible, and the finest quality available ANYWHERE.  If your shocks are old, this is a perfect setup for you! I've packaged a set of my poly spacers with some excellent quality extended-length shocks, offering you my "ultimate short-arm system", and giving you the best Bang-For-Your-Buck possible. One nice thing about this lift is that you aren't wasting money on control arms that ride badly and/or are the same length as stock arms, and if you decided to graduate to the next level, these shocks can be sold later as "used" to someone coming up. 
  • Includes rear spring retaining-post extensions (HIGHLY Recommended)
  • Includes four well-built premium-quality polyurethane spacers
  • Retains stock control arms for ride comfort and cost savings
  • Includes front and rear bumpstop extensions
  • Optional Front Track Bar Configurations
  • Optional TeraFlex or JKS disconnects
  • Optional Rear Sway Bar End-links

Ultimate Kit Prices below INCLUDES shipping to the 48 states

(please help me keep costs low by shipping to a business address if possible).

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