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Jeep JK Wrangler Adjustable Front Track Bar

Is your JK lifted but still using the OE trackbar?  Experiencing front end shimmy or outright Death Wobble?  You need the JKS Jeep JK Wrangler Adjustable Front Track Bar! The trackbar controls lateral movement of the axle housing.  It is attached to the chassis and axle on opposite sides of the vehicle with flexible mounting points to accommodate suspension travel.  Unfortunately, the fixed length of the OE...

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Jeep JK Wrangler Front Winch Bumpers - Hanson

Check out our Jeep JK Wrangler Front Winch Bumpers, built by Hanson Offroad!  This stout design is handcrafted from 3/16” cold-rolled steel, providing maximum wheel clearance, optimum approach and departure angles, and front-end protection.  The multiple angles and 2" dropped winch deck combine to give better airflow to the radiator, provide a lower center of gravity, and superior bumper 

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Jeep JK Wrangler Heavy Duty Tie Rod 2007-2018

Have you bent your JK's stock tie rod?  Tired of smacking it on rocks and other trail obstacles?  We've come up with yet another creative solution for you, with parts you simply can't find anywhere else. 

Check out our Hard-KOR Jeep JK Wrangler Heavy Duty Tie Rod! The design...

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Jeep JK Wrangler Rear Track Bar Brace 2007-2018

The 2007+ Jeep Wrangler (JK), is an improvement over previous models, however it does have it's faults.  The inadequate bracing of the factory track bar brackets is just one particularly troublesome problem.  A startling number of Jeeps, both modified as well as stock, have been disabled on the trail when the factory track bar bracket separated from the axle housing.  JK owners have reported this...

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Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ, WK, and ZJ Purchase For Offroad and Grocery Duties

Jeep Grand Cherokee is great vehicle right out of the box!

The Jeep Grand Cherokee offers power and capability, wrapped in a stylish and comfortable package, and Kevin's OffRoad, or KOR, specializes in turning this already highly capable vehicle into the ultimate adventure machine!

We work with the ENTIRE Jeep Grand Cherokee  line up. The 1st generation ZJ (1993 - 1998), 2nd generation WJ (1999 - 2004), 3rd generation WK (2005 -2010), 4th generation WK2 (2011 - present). No matter which generation you own, we have you covered.

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