Shock Loop Conversion...Good Idea, or Bad...? (Video)

Hi, this is Kevin. I wanted to talk to you today about Shock Loop Conversion.

Back in the day, very few manufacturers actually made shocks long enough for the TJs, XJs, ZJs etc. Anybody running, say more than 3-4inches worth of Lift basically, were stuck trying to use the loop-loop configured shocks instead of the factory stem-mounted at the top, loop at the bottom configuration that you would find in the previous TJ, XJ, ZJ type models.


The benefit of doing that is that you get a lot more variant lengths of shock absorbers that you know have a loop in a loop at both ends. However you do end up losing a little bit of stroke. So for every time, you incrementally take away from the overall body of the shock, you lose twice that much stroke.

Let’s say the difference between the body of a shock is 16 inches versus one that is 17 inches, you essentially remove 2 inches worth of stroke for every 1 inch worth of body you remove. And so the same thing goes with the Shock Loop Conversions.

You take away whatever it is, like for example, an inch and a half to run a Shock Loop Conversion, you are gonna end up giving up about 3 inches worth of shock travel, which in itself isn't that great. So consider that before you invest in a new set of these.

However if you have a really good reason why you might want something like this, say custom configuration, or you can't find a stem-loop shock that is the right length, or something like that, just realize that you will give up some overall travel if you choose this route.

Me personally, I like to run the JKS Bar Pin Eliminators at the bottom which really tightens the shock up and you end up losing about, point four or an inch approx., but I don't like to use the upper Shock Loop Conversion, unless I am absolutely forced to do it.

So your mileage may vary, but as far as I'm concerned the more shocked extension, the more shocked travel you end up getting out of the thing. Just adds a lot more flexibility to your build, gives you better articulation, better up travel, all those things, all at the same time.

And you don't have to end up taking 30-40 bucks out of your pocket to buy the Shock Loop Conversion, if you can find an extended stem-loop shock that bolts right in, that you don't have to mess with.

Feel free to discuss this below if you disagree with me...but tell me why you think so.  :-)


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