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Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Death Wobble Cure - Package Deal

What is Death Wobble?  If you're asking, then you're lucky, because most likely you've never experienced it.  If you ever do, you will know this terrifying experience immediately, and you will never forget it.  Death Wobble can happen on vehicles with a solid front axle and independent suspension, whether the rig is lifted or stock. It is such a large problem that Chrysler has recently acknowledged the issue publicly, but at the moment will not cover it under warranty.  We have created our Hard-KOR Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Death Wobble Cure to address this issue.  We have an e-book here that explains the...

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Jeep XJ Cherokee Steering Box Brace '84 - '01

Have you noticed looseness in your steering?  Have you checked the mounting bolts on your steering gear?  Do they come loose often?   If so, then you need to check out our Hard-KOR Jeep XJ Cherokee Steering Box Brace! Let me impress upon you how important it is to KNOW that those bolts are tight!   On a trip through Pritchett Canyon in Moab, I had a bolt sheer off AND rip off one of the ears on the steering box, rendering my steering pretty much useless. Not a good situation to be in. Your steering box is essentially a hydraulic-assisted lever with a...

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Jeep XJ Cherokee Track Bar 1987 - 2001 XJ/MJ

Imagine a fully adjustable Jeep XJ Cherokee track bar that eliminates the weak/worn stock upper tie rod end and will allow for AMAZING amounts of droop and tighten up your steering responsiveness at the same time.  The KOR Adjustable Trackbar is an essential upgrade to any lifted Jeep® still using the OE trackbar. The length is easily adjusted to perfectly center the axle housing beneath the vehicle. Unlike relocation brackets, our Adjustable Trackbar is compatible with virtually any suspension system and allows constant changes as vehicle modifications require. This kit includes a modified upper track bar mount and the highest quality...

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Jeep JK Wrangler Front Track Bar Brace

The 2007+ Jeep Wrangler (JK), is an improvement over previous models, however it does have it's faults.  The inadequate bracing of the factory track bar brackets is just one particularly troublesome problem.  A startling number of Jeeps, both modified as well as stock, have been disabled on the trail when the factory track bar bracket separated from the axle housing.  JK owners have reported this problem on both the front and rear axle housings.  Our Jeep JK Wrangler Front Track Bar Brace is a highly effective and economical...

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Jeep JK Wrangler Adjustable Front Track Bar

Is your JK lifted but still using the OE trackbar?  Experiencing front end shimmy or outright Death Wobble?  You need the JKS Jeep JK Wrangler Adjustable Front Track Bar! The trackbar controls lateral movement of the axle housing.  It is attached to the chassis and axle on opposite sides of the vehicle with flexible mounting points to accommodate suspension travel.  Unfortunately, the fixed length of the OE...

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