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Another Reason why a Grand Cherokee makes a PERFECT Overland / Expedition Rig Part 1

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Garnet Ghost Town | Overland Expedition Adventures in Montana (Video)

Garnet Ghost Town | Overland Expedition Adventure to Garnet, Montana Hey guys, it’s Kevin again…we are in Garnet Ghost Town, or is it Garnett Ghost Town perhaps. Everybody seems to have a variation of how to say everything depending upon where you live. Anyway I mentioned to you the last place, Colma [Montana] which was founded in 1896, was like a ghost city since there were so many buildings.   Well in keeping with that trend I suppose this Garnet is going to be a ghost metropolis or something or other, cause there’s got to be 30 or 40 buildings...

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Ultimate Expedition Tool..."Swiss Room Box"

How cool is this? If you haven't seen the Swiss Room Box, you've got to check this out...   Swiss Room Box Not at all inexpensive, however, SUPER cool!!!! How would you "sell yourself" on spending $4300+ USD on something like this?? If it came with the Swiss girl in the video to operate it for me...mmmmmm...where's my credit card??!! :-)

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Recreational Trails Program ( RTP ) - How We Can Help Keep Trails Open

Keeping trails open is something we all care about...some of us to a greater extent than others. (not saying it's right or wrong...it just "is what it is".) For those of you like me and my family, we work extra hard being involved, in order to make up for the folks who may think it's a good cause, but for whatever reason, not take action. I'd love to get you involved too, to help us pick up the slack. RTP Remains in Jeopardy! The Recreational Trails Program (RTP), arguably the most important government program ever created to benefit motorized recreation...

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Kevin's "Preachy" Post about responsible Land Use and White Trash (and all other colors...)

Kevin's "Preachy" Video Blog Post about White Trash (and all other colors too...) YouTube Link to Vid Blog Nothing frustrates me more than irresponsible or selfish people who either directly or indirectly I come into contact with!  You know...we all have to live on this planet together...let's not be assholes to each other, OK? Several of us from KOR volunteered for a clean-up this weekend at Table Mesa Road area about a half hour north of Phoenix...a place that many of us from the Valley go to relax and enjoy our Jeeps.  You'd not BELIEVE the amount of crap that...

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