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Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Steering Stabilizer

Due to the ever-increasing cost of the Old Man Emu products, we spent some time trying out many different manufacturers' stabilizers on our Jeeps.  We tried big names and small names, and found that there was only one company who could make a steering stabilizer that equalled OME quality and dampening, so we struck a deal with them, buying them in bulk to drive down your price.  We've added the Hard-KOR Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee  Steering Stabilizer to our product line, and know that you're going to love the way it feels. This stabilizer is equal in every way to...

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Jeep JK Wrangler Steering Stabilizer Relocation Bracket

  You can thank Jeep, for locating the steering stabilizer on your JK way down BELOW the axle tube…nearly rubbing the pavement it’s so low!  The last place you want to lose maneuverability is on the trail, where diagnosing and repairing the problem is often impossible. Bending your junk NEVER adds to an otherwise good time on the trail.  Unfortunately, this problem affects JK Wrangler owners more often than you might expect. The problem involves the factory mounting location of the steering stabilizer, which is well below and immediately forward of the center-line of the front axle, leaving the steering stabilizer defenseless against...

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Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee Radiator Support

Are you missing factory tow hooks or looking to free up some ground clearance and approach angle?  Have you hit your cheap factory radiator support one too many times and dented it?  How does two additional inches of ground clearance under the radiator sound to you?  We've designed the Hard-KOR Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee Radiator Support that tucks up out of harm's way and will allow trimming of the front bumper to gain back massive amounts of approach angle (typically 10°~15°) and keeps your radiator from getting damaged at the same time!  Most importantly, the Hard-KOR Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee Radiator Support...

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