How To Measure a Sway Bar for New Bushings

Sway Bar Measuring Tape - How To Measure a Sway Bar

Various Jeeps come with different sized anti-sway bars from the factory, based on whether or not it came with a Tow Package, UpCountry or OffRoad Package, or if the previous owner upgraded or changed something before you purchased it. I found a handy measuring tape on Energy Suspension's website, which will help you figure out what size bars you have front and rear, and I wanted to make available to you here so that you know what bushings to purchase.

We carry quite a few Energy Suspension Greaseable sway bar bushings, so if you can't find what you're looking for, let us know, and we'll see if we can get a hold of it for you. Simply print out the Sway Bar Measuring Tape PDF Sway Bar Measuring Tape, cut it out, and wrap it around your anti-sway bar to see what it measures out at. If the metric scale doesn't perfectly line up, try the standard scale, and see which one is closer. You're going to want to err on the side of a bushings that's too small by half a millimeter, than too large by half a millimeter, because sometimes it's not 100% obvious how big it is, as it'll sit between the hash marks.

Do your best work, check both tape measures, and let us know what size you need!


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  • Yeah, Danielle…though you can always buy the smaller ones and round-file them out 2mm, you’re probably better off with the 28mm than reworking the 25mm.

  • hey Im going to buy the death wobble kit for my 99 xj but I don’t know what to do about bushings I measured them with the tape measure and everything and it said 27mm so I’m gussing just buy the 28 ones??


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