Customer Marc L.'s Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Long Arm Lift Kit

Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Long Arm Lift Kit - Customer Marc L. Kevin and staff: Here’s some pics of "The Dark Horse" playing a little; this is out in Tierra Del Sol, between San Diego and Phoenix just north of I-8. The views are spectacular. (That’s why I do this, to get out there and experience mother nature and have a little fun.) Again I didn’t do anything too outrageous – the broken axle on the TJ reminded me that this is still my Daily Driver! NOTE: the Dark Horse sailed over those concrete pipes, cleared them by about ¼”, all the other TJ’s, JK’s hung up and had to bump themselves over. Love my rig. Have fun out there. Later, Marc [gallery link="file"] [caption id="attachment_2319" align="alignright" width="640"]Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Long Arm Lift Kit Marc clears the pipes, no problem[/caption] Marc: I absolutely love your rig. There are not many WJ Jeep Grand Cherokees with the same setup, and none that I've seen that are as clean as yours is!! I love it! If you ever decide to sell it, let me know...I want it back! :-) - Kevin NOTE FROM KEVIN: And, here's where you guys can get your own Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Long Arm Lift Kit. We run the Clayton Long Arm Kit on our shop WJ, and I absolutely *LOVE* the ride quality of the Clayton long arms, as well as the "set it and forget it" install...there isn't any constant maintenance needed. Just some lube every time you get an oil change, after it's set up, and that's it! I highly recommend one, if you're interested in the best ride quality for a lifted Jeep Grand Cherokee you can buy. Match is up with some ProComp MX6 shocks (or Bilstein 5100s) and you're going to have an AMAZING ride, AMAZING flex, and outstanding traction as your WJ articulates over things that would stop most Wranglers! It's well worth the price...hands down!
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  • Customer Marc L.’s Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Long Arm Lift Kit

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