Grand Slam Texas - GSTX 2013

Had an AMAZING time with the Texas Chapter of Grand Slam this weekend.  My buddy Jack and his wife put a BUNCH of time and effort into the event, and it came off without a hitch!  We had several days to run the trails at Hidden Falls Adventure Park (near Marble Falls, TX), which was AWESOME!!  This event was dedicated to Cherokee and Grand Cherokee Jeeps, and also open to Wranglers as well.  I met a nice-sized group of a bunch of VERY friendly Texans, always quick to share their food and their drinks with the out-of-town guy from Phoenix.  Got to meet a couple of past customers, and quite a few future customers as well, and KevinsOffroad and Clayton Offroad, both, were able to donate to the raffle, wanting to support the event to secure future events as well. Next year, we're going to help promote Grand Slam Texas via our website and Facebook pages, to assist Jack and his family in building this event to be one of the most fun Grand Slam events in the country.  It already has all the features needed for success:  dedication to the sport, friendly planners, loads of fun times, an awesome selection of trails, and AMAZING food!! I'll let you guys know more as time goes on, but Jack and his family did a GREAT job at planning this thing out, and you should certainly put GSTX 2014 on your list of to-dos for next year!!
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