Grand Slam West 2012 Moab, Utah Trip

The annual trip to Utah for Grand Slam West, which is held in Moab every year, was more fun this year than ever. Not only did we have a great turn out, we had a really, really fun bunch of people all getting together, and, as normal, but prices were amazing! Here are some photos of our excursion to Moab, and some photos from the trails as well. This annual adventure is a hell of a lot of fun, and if you have a Grand Cherokee, I highly recommend you schedule it for the first week of June for next year. The people are amazing, the trails are amazing, and everybody has SUCH a great time. I've been going since the second year, in 1999, and have developed some amazing friendships as a result of our yearly trip up there. Typically, we arrive on a Wednesday, and run trails Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Others stick around (like myself) until early the next week afterwards, running additional trails as time allows. One of the best trails up there, in my opinion, is Hells Revenge, which begins just a few miles East of Moab. That trail is the quintessential Moab off-road trail, and it's a must do, you're up there. There are also stay in, or campgrounds you can stay at, dependent upon your preference. Can you let the campground is right in the center of town, and convenient to everything. This time, I took along my expedition trailer, and we stated Canyonlands Campground, getting use out of the tent trailer. It worked out great, and I'm glad I built. There will be another blog post about it in the future. Again, if you have a Grand Cherokee, get yourself to Moab for the grand slam West event! For more information about Grand Slam West, and other Grand Cherokee specific events nationwide, go toor And, here are some additional Photos of Here is our YouTube video of our Photos from Grand Slam West 2012
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