Grand Slam West - Moab (had a CRAZY good time!)

Pix of Grand Slam 2010 here: For those of you who missed Grand Slam West 2010, you really did miss out.  We had an amazing time, met some people we hadn't met, made some new friends, gave away some new KOR product in the raffle, drove some trails, drank some beer, told some jokes, and sent home 40+ drivers with a TON of free stuff from all sorts of vendors.  KOR donated one of our brand new Clayton Long Arm Hard-KOR Skid Plates, as well as a factory WJ skid plate, both made out of 1/4" material, and VERY BEEFY!  We also gave away a $200 gift certificate for a set of KOR Suspension Seats, trimmed in matching Grand Cherokee colors, which are REALLY comfortable.  (I'm going to make a second post on the seats...they were that good during the trip!). Pix of Grand Slam 2010 here: Anyway, I want to thank the good people who planned it all and put it on, the sponsors who make sure that all of our Grand Slam attendees leave with something good, and a huge thank you to and as sponsors as well, who gave us the ability to spread the word and let others know that there are a bunch of solid characters out there who will go out of their way for you, who drive their Grand Cherokees to Moab every summer to hang out as a group.  A group that I'm VERY proud to call myself a member of. Pix of Grand Slam 2010 here:
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