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Warranty Information for Parts from KOR

If you find that a part is not living up to your expectations with respect to longevity, then there may be something that we can do about it. You'll need to get the to-be-warranted part back to the manufacturer somehow...ship it, drive it, whatever. They will inspect it and decide whether or not credit will be given on the old part. As soon as they approve the warranty, they will send you a new one directly. If your Jeep is a daily driver and you can't afford to have it down for two weeks while this process takes place, then I can sell you a replacement part at the normal cost. As soon as they inspect your old part and credit me for the new one you purchased, I can credit you back for the new part. A word of advice: most vendors will NOT warranty a part that they deem "abused" or "used incorrectly", so it would be a VERY good idea to call the manufacturer directly *BEFORE* you call me and document the conversation, the person's name, the date, and include that inside the box when you return it to them. *THEN*, e-mail me and I'll get you the RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization) that you *NEED* printed at least three times on the outside of the box. If a box shows up without that RMA number, then the shipping departments will either refuse shipment, or they will toss it into the garbage in some cases.

I have to break this down by manufacturer:

Rubicon Express offers a lifetime warranty on some items, including shocks. Please refer to their website or call them at 916-473-4607 to see if your part is under any sort of warranty. They do not warranty parts that appear to have been misused or damaged.

JKS Manufacturing generally offers no warranty, but their parts are made so well that we *RARELY* have an issue. They would be a good one to deal with directly at 308-762-6949.

TeraFlex offers several variant lengths of warranty periods based on which product you buy. Again, best to give them a call and document the conversation: 801-288-2585

Kevin's Offroad and Manufacturing Lifetime Warranty items: We offer a no-questions-asked warranty on specific items labeled as "Lifetime Warranty" on that part's description on the webpage. Any items not labeled with "Lifetime Warranty" will fall under the "Non-Lifetime Warranty" items, as described below.

Kevin's Offroad and Manufacturing Non-Lifetime Warranty items: We will sometimes do a limited warranty program on a one-by-one basis on parts that are NOT Lifetime Warranty parts, but I will eventually need you to ship me the part so that I can inspect it. Basically, I want to keep my customers happy, and if they are unhappy with something that we did, then I want to make it right. So, give us a call or shoot us an e-mail and give me the opportunity to make things right before you get upset. I get like maybe two calls a year from someone asking about a KOR product warranty, so I am not terribly worried about things failing. We would like NOTHING to EVER fail, and we build our products with that in mind. I think other KOR customers would back me up on that...and if you want proof, click HERE.

Kolak Performance is also along those lines. No specific warranty program, but he, like me, likes to make sure that everyone is kept happy, and I'm a big customer, lol. So if you call me, I'll chat with him and see what I can pull off for you.

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