This Is Why It's Important To "Buy American"...

This was a news story that ran on ABC News, that drives home the point, quite effectively, on how much difference buying US-made products makes to our Country, our cities, and our neighbors as a whole. Their point is simple: if only 5% more US-made goods were purchased by home builders, we’d create close to a quarter-million new US jobs. Check out this video:

Here is a printable vendor list of US-made products, for when you’re in the market for something:

Here is an interactive map that ABC News did, so that you can find suppliers in your state, or surrounding areas:

Meanwhile, we’re doing our parts, and keeping a bunch of Americans working, here at KOR. We *NEVER* purchase something foreign if we can get around doing so. Every single one of our KOR-branded products are Made in the USA, with the exception of our steering stabilizers and offroad lights. As soon as we find a suitable US-manufacturer for them, we’ll swap over too. Every one of our laser-cut parts, every CNC bend, every weld, every powdercoated finish, and every hardware package is created by US-labor, and will continue to do so. Our goal for 2012 is to grow by 50%, so there will be 50% more US-Dollars being spent, from our company account, on US-manufacturers. Unfortunately, the trend in our industry is to outsource as much product as possible to China, and other off-shore sources, sending the profits directly out of our country, and benefiting not our neighbors, not our friends, but to people in foreign lands. The biggest names in our industry are doing this, day in and out, and are slowly eroding America’s manufacturing industry, putting your neighbors, friends, and loved ones out of work as their industries slowly close down.

We challenge you to print out a copy of the US-vendors, and share it with the people you work with, and the people you hang out with. Many people would be HAPPY to purchase a new US-made product, if they only knew where to get one…and even if the cost is a few bucks more. if by spending an extra buck or two, we’re keeping 50% of the cost of the product right here, keeping US-workers working; damn it…that’s a good investment, so far as I can tell. Join the Made In America Challenge today, and share this post on your Facebook accounts. Together we can make MASSIVE changes in our economy, re-establishing America as an economic strength once again, and ourselves (and loved ones) benefiting directly from the movements we make see here.

VERY Passionately,
Kevin, the KOR krew and our Families

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  • This Is Why It’s Important To “Buy American”…

    Kevin's Offroad
  • Thanks, Robert…I really appreciate it!

  • Kevin, terriffic idea giving list of MADE IN AMERICA website products. I am definitely tired of having to buy and use inferior, cheaply-made and hazardous foreign made garbage.
    AND even more important keep giving honest opinions and information.

    Robert W. Aebi (Another JEEP Owner)
    Robert W. Aebi

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