Video: "Would this (KOR-7192) WJ skid plate work on a non-long arm'ed 2004 WJ?"


"Would this (KOR-7192) WJ skid plate work on a non-long arm'ed 2004 WJ?"

"Hey guys it's Kevin from KevinsOffroad, and the question of the day we got in from Hank.  He was wondering if the KOR-7192 long-arm WJ skid plate that's on our website (that's the KOR-7192 part number) would fit on a non-long arm'ed 2004 WJ.  The short answer is, "not without some fabrication work".  What COULD be done, however, is you could purchase the Clayton frame rails stiffeners, and you can weld those in position and then you can hang the skid plate off of those...and then later, you could add in the Long-arm kit if you wanted to. 

As far as how the WJ skid plate bolts up, it does not bolt to the frame rails, it bolts to the frame rail stiffeners that come with the Clayton long-arm kit. if that works for you then YES absolutely this will work and if you have a further questions don't hesitate to give us a shout!

Appreciate it very much, and we'll chat with you soon.  Thanks for the question, Hank!"

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