Who The Heck Is This Kevin Guy??

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So who is this Kevin guy I keep reading about??? Well, I'm a Jeeper by nature, a fabricator by trade, and father of a beautiful 19 year-old daughter who loves off-roading.  I've been working in the hotel/service industry my entire working career (since age 14) and last worked in the industry part time as a VIP Level Club Concierge for the Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix (which is the best job I've ever had!).


I began this website as part of a website portfolio for my first business I started up back in 1996... "Starbright Communications".  I designed a portfolio of websites to show potential clients my web building skills and thought that since I already had lots of pictures of my Jeep and the modifications that I had done to it, those pictures would work nicely for content.  I posted the first permutation of this website and the rest of the portfolio to a server connected to the Internet so that I could access them wherever I was and whenever I needed to.  Well, several months later, I got an e-mail from a Jeeper in New York State asking me why there wasn't any prices on my website for my Rock sliders and wanted to know how much I was selling them for.  Taking me by complete surprise, I had no idea how to answer.  Finding a use for extra pocket money has never been a problem for me, so I did a search for different companies who built similar stuff and told him the price would be around 75% of the cheapest ones, sending him links to all the sites I had found, thinking that surely he'd find a set of rocker panel protection that he liked better than my homemade version in the list.  Well, he didn't.  He sent me a money order, and I built my second set of Rock sliders for him.  I figured if they fit on my rig when I was done, they should fit on his rig, right?  Through some miracle, the install went surprisingly well (only one small hang-up with the old-style secondary mounting system that I have since ditched).

After resolving that issue, I went ahead and posted up the price on the website (only one product back in those days).  A couple of other Jeepers stumbled across my site and ordered, and then the Jeeps Unlimited guys caught wind also.  It's been exciting, starting up a successful business...especially in a market as competitive as this one (profit margins are quite small after overhead expenses are paid and equipment is purchased!). KevinsOffroad.com Today, I offer over 400 products, more than 75 of which are hand-built by me in my metal fabrication shop.  I've been trained the "right way" to treat customers with my Ritz-Carlton background, so I'm a step or two ahead of the competition in that realm, even if they have bigger shops and make more money. So, I offer to you, my fellow Jeepers, great bang-for-your-buck prices on over-engineered products that I have built for MY Jeep and have personally used, abused, and tested, changing the design if something doesn't work right.  Ain't no junk that leaves my shop, so you can rest assured that you will be taken great care of when dealing with me and your purchases will outlast your Jeep's life.  Thank you for coming to visit...I look forward to assisting you with your questions and your modifications.

Very Sincerely,


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