KOR-2082 WJ Grand Cherokee Secondary Steering Stabilizer: Stock Track Bar

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Hard-KOR Secondary Steering Stabilizer: WJ’s fits stock track bar – Outstanding Death Wobble Resistance

Steering Stabilizer upgrade helps to cure Death Wobble!

Our steering stabilizers have outstanding Death Wobble resistance! Designed to reduce the effect of wheel "flutter" and improve the feel, handling and control of the vehicle, our steering stabilizers will also reduce the aggressive rotation of the steering wheel over rough roads without affecting steering wheel return.

Due to the seemingly ever-increasing cost of the OME products, I spent some time sourcing a private-label steering stabilizer that we've found works just as well at resisting Death Wobble as the OME stabilizer does.  We tried many different manufacturer's stabilizers out on our Jeeps, including all of the big names and some of the small names, and we found that there was only one company who could make a steering stabilizer that equalled the OME in quality and in dampening, so we struck a deal with them, buying them in bulk to drive down your price.  Our new Hard-KOR stabilizer is equal in every way to the OME stabilizer, and we are VERY happy to not only offer you a product that's as high a quality, but also, costs you less.  It's a win-win situation for you!!

Anyway, I have added in the Hard-KOR Stabilizer to our product line, and know that you're going to love the way it feels.  If not, no risk...just send it on back to me and I'll give you a full refund less shipping.  That's how strongly I feel about it, and so far we've had exactly zero people asking for an exchange.  Like all of the products you'll find on my website, I've tested and replaced part after part until I found the most desirable one for a particular application on the market to sell here on my website.  The KOR and OME steering stabilizers are hands-down the clear and distinct winner when it comes to a controlled ride and improved resistance to Death Wobble.

 You can use this kit to add a second steering stabilizer to your WJ if you...

1) Have larger-than-stock wheels and tires (more rotational mass needs more dampening)...and/or
2) Have an incurable problem with Death Wobble that you've not been able to resolve with new suspension components and bushings...and/or
3) If you'd like to move the single steering stabilizer to a location further upward, out of the rocks and away from damage to your investment. 

This kit includes one Hard-KOR stabilizer and the mounting kit to install it in the secondary mounting position. We HIGHLY recommend you additionally pick up a KOR-9309 replacement stabilizer along with a KOR-1002 mounting kit to replace your PRIMARY stabilizer at the same time for the maximum possible Death Wobble resistance and steering smoothness possible. You will get a huge value out of these two items installed in conjunction with each other!)

We've done a lot of DW cures here at the shop, and have found that for some reason, the WJ Grand Cherokees seem to have a higher propensity for Death Wobble than the XJ Cherokees and ZJ Grand Cherokees do. We think this is because the steering stabilizer is mounted between the tie-rod and the axle on the WJ, rather than between the drag link and the axle like on the XJ/ZJ/TJ.

Below is the kit to add a second stabilizer between the drag link and the track bar, which has cured multiple cases of "uncurable" WJ Death Wobble.

Please note: There are three kits available: The KOR-2092 for1.25" OD Heavy Duty track bars like the adjustable JKS model, the KOR-2072 for 1.5" extra heavy duty track bars, and this kit, the KOR-2082 1.00" OD kit for factory trackbars.

Purchase this kit (KOR-2082) if you still have the stock factory track bar, or a track bar measuring 1.00" OD

The kit comes with the following:

  • - One new Hard-KOR steering stabilizer (Silver in color, not yellow OME stabilizer)
  • - Two Heavy Duty clamps (size varies per your track bar thickness)
  • - Mounting hardware for both ends of the stabilizer

All products in this Death Wobble Cure package are proudly American-Made, except the steering stabilizer, which is imported. It's almost impossible these days to find a US-Made steering stabilizer, unfortunately, but we're still looking!

Download the Install Guide PDF

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