Gutter Mount Jeep Cherokee XJ Platform Roof Rack

  • $769.97

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Jeep Cherokee XJ Platform Roof Rack fits XJ with Rain Gutters

Each rack is hand built in Phoenix, AZ and current estimated wait time is about 6-8 weeks from date of order

If you're considering a Roof Rack for your Jeep Cherokee XJ (models without triangular roof rails) to mount a Roof Top Tent (RTT) or a sleeping / spotting / utility platform to...but are concerned about the increased height that a typical roof rack requires, we have just the solution for you: Our new Hard-KOR Jeep Cherokee XJ Platform Roof Rack gives you a flat platform that mounts securely to your factory rain gutters, and adds only 1.5 inches of increased height, allowing you to park in your garage, or in parking structures, with no problem at all.

Dimensions are generous, at approximately 73" x 50" x 1.5" at it's tallest and widest

Here are some of the many benefits to the Hard-KOR Platform Roof Rack:

Toss some Rubbermaid containers on top, and lash them down with straps and a webbed cargo net for long road trips with the family.

Toss your oversized spare tire on the roof, and get it out of the cargo area with the INCLUDED tire mounting plate and hardware.

Mount your roof-top tent (RTT) easily to the Roof Rack Platform, which allows it to be removed more easily than the permanent roof mounts.

Or, for a low-buck RTT option, pitch your current tent on top of the platform, keeping you off the ground, and away from critters.

Rack comes complete with 4 light tabs on the front, as well as two tabs in the rear for mounting lights or antennas.

All racks are shipped bare steel by default, but we are able to have the racks powder coated (in semigloss black only) for you prior to shipment for an additional $175.00. Typically, you should be able to get a rack coated at a shop local to you for a similar cost, and we generally recommend this to avoid damage during the shipping process. However, we have received an enormous number of requests, and are offering coatings again on a trial basis.

Price includes freight shipping to a commercial US address.  If you want it shipped to your residence, no problem...but consequently, there's a $75 surcharge charged by the freight company.

*Does not include $75.00 residential address delivery surcharge. If you do not have a commercial location to accept delivery, one trick is to pick it up at the local terminal, so you can avoid this charge. 

INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT SHIPMENTS:  Please e-mail us for special instructions for International customers!!  The above DOES NOT APPLY to International Shipments, only Domestic.

Here's a video of an installation of our Safari rack (our Safari Rack is one of our Platform Racks with welded sides) on a Cherokee. All XJ racks have been updated after this video to fit rail-to-rail on the XJ. No longer requires mounting plates:

Download the Install Guide PDF


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