Jeep JK Wrangler Steering Stabilizer Relocation Bracket

 Jeep JK Wrangler Steering Stabilizer Relocation Bracket OGS-126 You can thank Jeep, for locating the steering stabilizer on your JK way down BELOW the axle tube…nearly rubbing the pavement it’s so low!  The last place you want to lose maneuverability is on the trail, where diagnosing and repairing the problem is often impossible.  Bending your junk NEVER adds to an otherwise good time on the trail.  Unfortunately, this problem affects JK Wrangler owners more often than you might expect.  The problem involves the factory mounting location of the steering stabilizer, which is well below and immediately forward of the centerline of the front axle, leaving the steering stabilizer defenseless against impact damage.  To avoid this disaster waiting to happen, upgrade to our Jeep JK Wrangler Steering Stabilizer Relocation Bracket! The Jeep specialists at JKS Manufacturing have identified this hazard and developed a solution that optimizes steering stabilizer performance while keeping it out of harm’s way.  The Bracket is heavy-duty, crafted from premium 0.25” steel, precision computer cut, robotically welded and mechanically formed and folded, all to be incredibly strong and provide a perfect fit.  The high-clearance bracket positions the stabilizer in a more secure and much safer location than the way it came from the factory.  This increases ground clearance and helps avoid contact with obstacles.  The entire bracket is finished with a durable zinc plating that provides an ultra protective finish against oxidation and extreme atmospheric conditions. Our heavy-duty relocation bracket offers two options for vehicle attachment. 1) A 100% bolt-on installation uses the high-quality hardware supplied, and is a perfect choice for JK owners that only seek a more effective stabilizer location. 2) An optional weld-on installation fuses the bracket permanently to strategic points on the axle housing which effectively reinforces the otherwise weak factory trackbar bracket.  This serves as an excellent alternative to our larger Front Trackbar Brace (OGS-161) on vehicles without an inverted drag link.

Jeep JK Wrangler Steering Stabilizer Relocation Bracket OGS-126Purchase Jeep JK Wrangler Steering Stabilizer Relocation Bracket

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