Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Track Bar

Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Track Bar JKS-127 Imagine a fully adjustable Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee track bar that eliminates the weak/worn stock upper tie rod end and will allow for AMAZING amounts of droop and tighten up your steering responsiveness at the same time.  The JKS Adjustable Trackbar is an essential upgrade to any lifted Jeep® still using the OE trackbar.  The length is easily adjusted to perfectly center the axle housing beneath the vehicle. Unlike relocation brackets, our Adjustable Trackbar is compatible with virtually any suspension system and allows constant changes as vehicle modifications require.  This kit includes a modified upper track bar mount and the highest quality track bar that exists.  It is fully adjustable to center your front axle perfectly.  It won’t interfere with any existing suspension components and will allow MAXIMUM articulation of your front axle assembly and a larger resistance to Death Wobble.  It’s been designed to work with WJ's with 1" to 6" of lift. Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Track Bar JKS-127The trackbar controls lateral movement of the axle housing.  It is attached to the chassis and axle on opposite sides of the vehicle with flexible mounting points to accommodate suspension travel.  Unfortunately, the fixed length of the OE trackbar won't accommodate ride height adjustments. Changing the distance between mounting points forces the axle housing out of alignment with the rest of the vehicle.  From the factory, your passenger front tire can only droop approximately 8″ from stock height due to the upper tie rod end on the factory track bar.  Now, subtract the height of YOUR lift from the maximum of 8″, and that’s how much passenger side droop you have before the tie rod end binds.  Unless corrected, this condition will place unnecessary stress on related suspension and steering components and create alignment problems.  This is a future failure in the making!!! . Our Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee track bar is bent to OE specifications for proper geometry and clearance.  Manufactured from 1.25" x 0.156" DOM tubing providing superior strength and thickness, and 1/2″ Grade 8 hardware providing 50% more strength than stock bolts.  The robust threaded design allows user to position axle in 1/16" increments for extremely precise control.  A zinc plating and durable powdercoat finish provide excellent protection from corrosion and trail debris. Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Track Bar SuperDurometer Bushings KOR-1199For an even GREATER steering reponse, we highly recommend our KOR-1199 SuperDurometer bushings, (available separately) specifically designed to provide maximum off-road performance while minimizing the transfer of vibrations and road noise.  You can’t get these anywhere else, folks.  The rubber bushing material that comes in the stock track bar is less than the 45d hardness of our “regular” bushings that we have used over the years.  The SuperDurometer bushings are a 60d harness, or 33% stiffer, giving even better resistance to Death Wobble.
Our Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee track bar stiffens up the front suspension providing higher Death Wobble resistance, tighter steering, less wandering, and increased articulation. Check out the video.

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Purchase KOR-1199 SuperDurometer Bushings.

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