Jeep XJ Cherokee Death Wobble Cure - Package Deal

Jeep XJ Cherokee Death Wobble Cure KOR-9901-XJB What is Death Wobble?  If you're asking, then you're lucky, because most likely you've never experienced it.  If you ever do, you will know this terrifying experience immediately, and you will never forget it.  Death Wobble can happen on vehicles with a solid front axle and independent suspension, whether the rig is lifted or stock. It is such a large problem that Chrysler has recently acknowledged the issue publicly, but at the moment will not cover it under warranty.  We have created our Hard-KOR Jeep XJ Cherokee Death Wobble Cure to address this issue.  We have an e-book here  that explains the root causes and how to cure it. This is our most popular and effective Death Wobble cure package for the XJ Cherokee and MJ Comanche.   It combines our best cure parts.  These parts, properly installed AT THE SAME TIME, will give you somewhere around an 85%-90% chance of curing your case of Death Wobble COMPLETELY.  We've been experimenting with and learning about the root causes of Death Wobble since 2002, and have experience that VERY few other shops possess.  In fact, we get calls for help from other 4x4 shops, and auto mechanics from all over, requesting help and our proven replacement parts to solve their customers' Death Wobble problems.  We are the most well-known source (maybe the ONLY source); so I feel very comfortable in recommending these parts together as a package, not only because of our experience in curing Death Wobble problems literally hundreds of times over 10 years, but because few shops know as much about it as we do. We have invented several products SPECIFICALLY designed to cure Death Wobble and reduce the "play" in the front end of the XJ Cherokee built from 1984 to 2001.  Fortunately, the Jeep XJ Cherokee Death Wobble cases are easy to cure with the correct parts. Our Hard-KOR Jeep XJ Cherokee Death Wobble Cure package includes ALL of the following items that we recommend people purchase and install TOGETHER when they are having Death Wobble problems.

KOR-1199 Super Durometer Bushings, upper and lower

Jeep XJ Cherokee Death Wobble Cure KOR-1199

KOR-1109 x2 Special Polyurethane Bushing Lubricant Tubes

Jeep XJ Cherokee Death Wobble Cure KOR-1109

KOR-9001 Hard-KOR Track Bar Conversion

Jeep XJ Cherokee Death Wobble Cure KOR-9001

KOR-7400 Hard-KOR Double-Mounted Steering Box Brace

Jeep XJ Cherokee Death Wobble Cure KOR-7400

KOR-9309 Hard-KOR Steering Stabilizer w/ hardware

Jeep XJ Cherokee Death Wobble Cure KOR-9309

Note: If you own an '84 to '86 XJ/MJ, you MUST purchase the kit specified for those years (see link below).  The '87 to '01 Track Bar WILL NOT fit the earlier model Jeeps!  We have a different Track bar made specifically for the '84 to '86's.  Please make sure you purchase the correct kit.

Purchase Hard-KOR Jeep XJ Cherokee Death Wobble Cure package '84 - '86.

Purchase Hard-KOR Jeep XJ Cherokee Death Wobble Cure package '87 - '01.

These components are also available separately if you already own one or more of them. Simply click on the individual component image above. Death Wobble can be triggered by MANY different front end components and alignment settings, so be aware that there is STILL a small chance you may need more assistance after the Jeep XJ Cherokee Death Wobble Cure package is installed.  If so, don't hesitate to give us a call, and we'll talk you though getting this problem solved for you once and for all.  Don't delay your fix.  Get it handled today, and get your Jeep driving safely down the highway once again. You may also be interested in: Jeep XJ Cherokee Roof Rack Jeep XJ Cherokee Steering Box Brace  Jeep XJ Cherokee Track Bar The Jeep XJ Cherokee was built from 1984 to 2001, and the MJ Comanche from 1985 to 1992. For more info on the XJ or the MJ there are great articles on Wikipedia.

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