Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee Bumper

Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee Bumper JZJ1202-P

Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee Bumper JZJ1202-P

The Hanson winch bumper is a handcrafted, multi-angled, 3/16" cold rolled steel beast!  The design provides superior strength, protection for your fenders, and still allows for maximum tire clearance and optimal approach angles.  The winch deck has been dropped 2” to provide protection for your winch, better radiator airflow, and helps maintain a low center of gravity.  The bumper has super strong 1" wide clevis tabs which are drilled for 7/8" pins, and can be pulled on from any angle. The winch bar is constructed of 1 ¾” diameter x .120 wall tubing and is angled forward and welded for strength. Hanson's quality and value are well known, and this bumper is no exception. The bumper is available in a black semi-gloss powder coat. PLEASE NOTE: Fairlead Mount Plate, Fairlead, Winch, Off-Road Lights, Recovery Shackles and straps are NOT included with the bumper.

Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee Bumper JZJ1202-P

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