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Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ Rock Sliders

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$449.97 $379.97

Rocker Panel Protection Skid Plates for Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ 1993-1998

Protect your rocker panels with these US-built heavy-gauge steel skid plates, manufactured by KevinsOffroad

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Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ Rock Sliders fit ’93 to ’98 ZJ’s

Kevin’s Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ Rock Sliders are “Rubicon Tested, Moab Approved”™.  We’ve been selling these successfully and with lots of positive comments since 1999 now, and have saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in rocker panel damage on their rigs.  Hit the trails with confidence before a rock you thought you’d clear, but didn’t, ruins your entire trip. 


Triple-structure design (total of 1/2″ steel wall-thickness) makes our ZJ Hard-KOR Rock Rails the strongest ZJ rocker panel protection available ANYWHERE, hands-down.  Protects your door panels from damage by extending the outward rail a total of 8.75″ inches from the pinch seam under your door, NO ADD’L CHARGE!

Easy bolt-on installation in your driveway (no welding), using common hand-tools. 45-degree angled front and rear outer rail, to guide your Jeep away from trouble.  Unmatched protection against rocks, trees, and careless parking lot car door-dingers.  Thick steel inner and outer rail, welded hot with 220 VAC for durability and resistance to cracking No loss of overall ground clearance – tucks up above the level of the crossmember.  Built-in Hi-Lift Jack “notch” to reduce fatal slippage Square outer rail features smooth lines to match your ZJ’s shape.  Allows easy access to your roof rack (or to wash the roof) Allows use with up to 36″ tires without rubbing.  Lifetime Warranty Available*

Lateral Clearance Round Outer Rail, 3/4″ narrower, available for an additional $39.97

Please Note: Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ Rock Sliders are shipped bare steel (not painted or powder coated, because powdercoating is just going to get scraped off as soon as you bring the Jeep down on a rock or tree…and then you have to remove them and re-powdercoat them …not fun…and expensive to keep doing)

Instead, we recommend you use Krylon satin black spray paint. Use brake cleaner on them first, to get all the oil off, and then hit them with the Krylon satin without a primer. Like powdercoating…primer is just going to get torn off, as soon as you use them for protection…so in order to make touching them up easier, just keep the paint coats thin, and use maybe two or three coats…until you’re happy with the coverage…making sure to get all the nooks and crannies to keep surface rust away. The first coat should be very light…more of a “fog”…and once it dries, hit it with a slightly heavier 2nd coat.

Once you scratch them up on rocks or trees, just get a piece of cardboard, insert it between the Jeep and the slider…and touch it up as needed. If you get any overspray on the paint, just use a terry-cloth towel with a bit of acetone on it, and use circular motions to remove it from your paint…and then wash and wax the rig where you removed the overspray.

“Kevin & Co., Now what am I going to do?  I got the Sliders today and put them on. I had no trouble installing them – other than the standard “whish I had a hand and arm in the middle of my chest” kind of issues.  The Sliders arrived in perfect shape, all of the hardware was in the package, and they fit up like they were – heh – made for my Jeep!!!  I don’t care that they took a couple of extra days to arrive.  Based on my satisfaction with the roof rack, I had reason to believe the Sliders would be just as great.  This note is to let you know that the Sliders are, in fact, great!  Smashing them up will be a pleasure! 😉  Probably going to be buying again soon.”  Michael Combest, Baldwin City, Ks.

Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ Rock Sliders – Lateral Protection Model Hard-KOR Rock Sliders

After being trail tested all over the Southwest (home of big rocks) and beating them hard on the Rubicon and at Moab over the last three years, it looks to me like a set of our Hard-KOR Sliderz protects much better laterally and as good or better from underneath as any other name brand heavy-duty slider designs that I have seen out there.  I have seen several rocker panel protectors made with round tubing bend upwards and crush the rocker panels on the Jeep. You certainly don’t want to have your rocker panel protection crush under the weight of the Jeep when coming down hard on a rock, so my design utilizes 1/8″ thick square tube.  With square tube, you get much more surface area to absorb the impact from the rock, and as a bonus, offers a much safer step for accessing the roof rack.

During the design process, I decided that I also wanted them to stick out a little further than what was on the market so I could protect the doors from large rocks when trying to squeeze between a “rock and a hard place”.  After all the trails I’ve run, I STILL haven’t gotten any body damage on the doors!!!  (the bumpers are another story, LOL!)  Regarding cost, I figure that at our prices, you can’t go wrong!  The more price comparisons you do, the better a bargain these become.  These are a lower tier in pricing and upper tier in protection and come ready-to-paint as well as being easy to touch up with spray paint after banging into rocks.

Our latest design is an Extreme Duty version, which is 2″ wider externally, and has stronger mounts on it than our original model, to offer even further protection against bending when abused badly.  Bear in mind that ANY steel product will bend if hit hard enough, so we created a model which will resist bending even more when putting your Jeep through the rigors of offroading.  They are attached with 28 bolts and screws, and are sturdy as hell!  And, our “No-questions Asked” Full Lifetime Warranty is also available, if you’re REALLY abusing them!  To maximize durability and strength, you will cut two small 2″ wide notches in your rocker panel pinch seam on each side during installation.  Simple/easy…

These are great for the beginner and for the expert…anyone who wants added protection below his door sills “just in case”, and wants to make sure he’s buying the strongest and sturdiest rocker panel protection on the market.

See our Rocker Panel Protection video on YouTube:

Additional information

Weight132 lbs
Dimensions65 x 12 x 8 in

6 reviews for Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ Rock Sliders

  1. 5 out of 5

    I got my rock rails about a month ago. They are awesome. They were shipped promptly and arrived on schedule. I can not get over how easy they were to install and how strong they are. There are no rocks here in Louisiana but there is lots of deep mud. I use my Hi-Lift on the sliders all the time. I have lifted my ZJ right out of the mud by the sliders. I am very happy with them. and I tell all of my friends. Thanks a million Kevin.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Kevin offers rocker panel protection built to last and priced right. I’ve had them on for some time now and they’ve done a great job fending off ledge and boulders New England is known for. Get real creative on trail and they work VERY well as pivot points to compensate for the longer wheelbase! I never leave home without them!

  3. 5 out of 5

    I purchased my sliders for my 98 GC 5.9′er after reading about other folks having good experiences with them. I love them. I’ve had them on almost a year and they have saved me more than once. Not to mention it makes it a whole lot easier to rotate tires! Can’t tell you how many comments I’ve gotten on them. And it’s always fun to count scrapes where some yahoo has parked too close to me in a lot and decided to dent their door on my skids. Thanks for making a great product!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Since I installed the sliders I have had the pleasure of beating them through the boulders of the Rocky Mountains and sliding them across the sandstone of the desert. In every case, accidental and intentional, they have exceeded my expectations of what rocker protection should be. Literally they are the toughest thing on my Jeep and by far take the most beating.

  5. 5 out of 5

    You have heard of bulletproof – these are bombproof!!! Looks do not deceive here.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Your Rock sliders are probably the best investment I could have made for my Grand. They proved to be truly awesome. I was amazed how they held up to any brutality I gave them, whether it be pivoting around a rock or just plain protection , they held up to everything this rookie could give them. Even had to use the high-lift on them when I slipped off a ledge in Moab. The installation was a piece of cake too.

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