Steering Stabilizer Install Guide

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First, you need to remove the stock stabilizer bolt that goes through the tie rod by removing the nut holding that bolt in, then, with a tie rod end puller that you can rent from AutoZone, slowly press the bolt out. The stock stabilizer will follow, as it's one piece. Next, remove the axle side bolt on the other side of the stock stabilizer. For installation, install the included tapered bolt through the tie rod from front. You’ll need a lock washer on the back side, and a nut. After the bolt is tight in the tie rod, install the axle end of the stabilizer into the mount, making CERTAIN that there is a metal sleeve inside the rubber bushing. If you don't install this metal sleeve, the stabilizer will wobble back and forth, NOT dampening the tie rod assembly's movements back and forth. Next, the tie rod end of the stabilizer fits over the shoulder of the tapered bolt you just installed, then the flat washer, then the lock washer, then the nut. That's it. Really simple. Enjoy the ride improvements!

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