Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Rocker Panel Protection

Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Rocker Panel Protection KOR-7012

Kevin's Rock Sliderz® are "Rubicon Tested, Moab Approved"™!  We've been selling this Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee rocker panel protection successfully with lots of positive feedback since 1999, and have saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in rocker panel damage on their rigs.  Hit the trails with confidence before a rock you thought you'd clear, but didn't, ruins your entire trip.

Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Rocker Panel Protection KOR-7012

Triple-structure design (total of 1/2" wall-thickness) makes our WJ Hard-KOR RockSliderz the strongest Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee rocker panel protection available ANYWHERE, hands-down.  When squeezing between a "rock and a hard place",  they protect your door panels from damage by extending outward from your rocker panel seam under your door.  (BUILT WITH A TOTAL OF 7.5" WIDTH FOR MAXIMUM PROTECTION!).  

After all the trails I've run, I STILL haven't gotten any body damage on the doors!!!  (the bumpers are another story, LOL!)  45-degree angled front and rear router rail, to guide your Jeep away from trouble.  Unmatched protection against rocks, trees, and careless parking lot car door-dingers. 

We've  seen several rocker panel protectors made with poor bracing and/or flimsy tubing, bend upwards and crush the rocker panels on the Jeep.  Our design uses square tube under the rocker panels, giving you much more surface area to absorb the impact from the rocks. 

Round outer rail features smooth lines to match your WJ's shape (Square Outer Rail available on WJ Sliders for an additional $39.97).  Thick steel inner and outer rail, welded hot with 220 VAC for durability and resistance to cracking.  All Rocker Panel Protection models were designed with maximum ground clearance in mind: the lowest point on both versions is still ABOVE the transmission cross member, so absolutely no ground clearance is lost.  

Built-in Hi-Lift Jack "notch" to reduce fatal slippage.  Allows easy access to your roof.  Allows use of up to 36" tires without rubbing. Easy bolt-on installation in your driveway using common hand-tools (no welding).  KOR's  "No-Questions Asked" Full Lifetime Warranty Available*

Regarding cost, I figure that at the prices below, you can't go wrong!  The more price comparisons you do, the better a bargain these become.  These are a lower tier in pricing and upper tier in protection and come ready-to-paint as well as being easy to touch up with a rattle can after banging into rocks.  These are great for the beginner and for the expert...anyone who wants added protection below his door sills "just in case", and wants to make sure they're buying the strongest and sturdiest rocker panel protection on the market.

Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Rocker Panel Protection KOR-7012Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Rocker Panel Protection KOR-7012

Purchase Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Rocker Panel Protection Here

Please Note: Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Rocker Panel Protection is shipped bare steel (not painted or powder coated).

See our Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee rocker panel protection video.

"Kevin & Co., Now what am I going to do?  I got the Sliderz today and put them on.  I had no trouble installing them - other than the standard "whish I had a hand and arm in the middle of my chest" kind of issues.  The Sliderz arrived in perfect shape, all of the hardware was in the package, and they fit up like they were - heh - made for my Jeep!  Based on my satisfaction with the roof rack, I had reason to believe the Sliderz would be just as great.  This note is to let you know that the Sliderz are, in fact, great!  Smashing them up will be a pleasure! ;-)  Probably going to be buying again soon."  Michael Combest, Baldwin City, Ks.

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For more info on the WJ, here is a great article on Wikipedia.


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