Steering Stabilizer Mounting Direction? Q&A w/ Kevin @ (Video)

Steering Stabilizer Mounting Direction?

Hey guys, it's Kevin from Kevin's Offroad with another little Q&A video session here. We often get asked questions about different things by our customers. One such email we received was from Steve asking about the right way to put on a steering stabilizer.

The short answer is, it doesn't matter with regard to the valving. The valving is a 50-50 deal and the dampening left is the same as the dampening right as you would probably expect. So as far as the actual placement of the stabilizer, it does not matter whether it's mounted with the can side on the axle or whether it's the can side on the actual tie rod or drag link. However what does matter is, A, that it fits properly and B, if you can and you have the option it's best to have the actual weight of the can, as small as it is, 3-4 pounds, actually supported on the axle instead of on the tie rod itself or drag link whichever it is you're attaching it to. So hopefully that helps clear that up. Basically it's a matter of if it fits bolt it on. With regard to shock absorbers that is not the case. I have done another video about the difference on whether you'd want the can up or the can down on shock absorbers. So you can check out that video just after this one if you wish. Thank you for the question Steve, hope you're having a great day. And if you have any questions please shoot them off to Will be more than happy to answer them for you. Thanks a bunch, appreciate your loyalty. Thanks for stopping by. More information like this, Blog is the place to visit. Talk to you guys soon. Thanks.

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