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What Causes a Washboard Road?

Found this great article that explains how "washboard" patterns are formed on dirt roads. YOU’VE SEEN THEM AND HATE THEM, BUT HOW ARE CORRUGATIONS MADE? THERE HAVE BEEN several scientific studies into exactly how corrugations are formed, and the answer is definitive...

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ZJ Long Arm Kits

Do you yearn for more lift on your ZJ Grand to run that next larger tire size, but know that you're short little factory-length control arms are maxed out on angle, resulting in a jittery ride and/or Death Wobble? Thanks to a partnership with Clayton's...

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ZJ Bumper Frequently Asked Questions

People often have questions about the bumpers we sell for the Grand Cherokee ZJ, so here is a list of frequently asked questions about our stealth and tube / prerunner style bumpers we have available. We've not tested them as we have no equipment to do so....

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Ultimate 2-1/4″ lift kit for ZJs

Want to keep it simple for your first lift? Want to test the water without investing a bunch of time and money in parts and installation labor? If you are looking for a 31"~32" tall tire and need a lift to run with it, you can't beat the value of this...

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Ultimate 1″ Leveling Kits for ZJs

Just looking for a little boost and keeping the same stock sized tires? Does the rear set higher and you'd like to level it out? Here's some 1" and 3/8" spacers for ZJs that will work to set the front end taller. Generally speaking, you'll not need longer...

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ZJ 249-231 Swap FAQ Write-Up

So you’re sick of that POS 249 and want a real t-case? Here’s how to do it. First, I’ll run through some of the reasons why people swap in a 231. Low-Lock The 93-95 249’s still rely on the viscous coupler to transfer power while in 4Lo. This presents a...

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Death Wobble Fix and Cures

As you have already found out, Death Wobble, the horrible front end vibration that starts when one wheel (usually the right) hits a bump around 40~50mph, is the worst possible downside to having a coil-sprung vehicle with a track bar setup. Vehicles...

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Pimp Daddy Gold Removal

This is a quick and dirty copy/paste of a recent e-mail I answered. I'll come back and make this pretty later on, but if you're interested in slapping the Pimp out of your gold-trimmed Limited, this is how I approached it. There are a couple of things that...

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ZJ NV242 Transfer Case Swap

Ok fellas... Here it goes...I did it...It works...All is well! First thing you need to do for this swap is go to a bone yard and find a donor. Either an XJ or ZJ NV242 will do. 242's were available in 80's model XJ's and all models of ZJ's (as an option)...

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I just wanted to email you guys and thank you for your help. When I emailed you guys and let you know about my goals and my disability you guys were very refreshing. It was nice to find a company now a days that still cares for their customers and treats them right. You guys have earned a life long customer who recommends you to all the guys. I’m a disabled veteran and I train service dogs for wounded vets. I am going to school right now at western technical college for automotive performance an…



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