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Frequently Asked Technical Questions: Grand Cherokee Wrangler Cherokee - 20+ Years of Experience Breaking and Repairing Jeeps — Steering & Suspension Modifications

Long Arm Kit Upgrade from Short Arm - When Do I Upgrade? (video)

Long Arm Kits: When do I need to upgrade from short arms to long arms on my Jeep?

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Fitting 35 inch Tires on a 2nd Gen Ram 2500

Hey guys, it’s Kevin and today am going to talk about fitting tires on a 2nd gen Ram 2500. So we bought a set of 35 inch tires to put on the old Overland rig here. The truck we've been working on is a 1994 Dodge Cummins 2500 with the 8800 GVW package on it which is basically heavier-duty running gear. I just wanted to show you real quick, basically our service body here needed to be trimmed, so we went ahead and trimmed out through this area here. I don't know if you can see that in the video,...

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Do I need a steering stabilizer-damper? Video Q&A with Kevin

  Do I need a steering stabilizer-damper? We have gotten more than a few calls from customers asking "Do I need a steering stabilizer-damper? What does it do? Why do I need it"? We've also noticed a growing trend online of people telling folks that they don't need one. In this video, Kevin goes over what a steering stabilizer is, and why you do in fact need one. Video Transcript "From time to time I see folks on the Internet asking whether or not you need a steering stabilizer on the front coil spring suspension that would come under your...

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Are all steering stabilizers & dampeners the same? Q&A with Kevin from KevinsOffroad.com

Kevin goes into detail on the differences between steering dampeners and stabilizers, what the factory recommends, and other info.

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Bump Steer? How To Fix: Measure Your Drag Link and Track Bar to Make them Parallel

Bump-steer Solutions and Causes, by Kevin from KOR Cause: The Drag Link and Track Bar on a coil-sprung vehicle are out-of-parallel.  (affects some coil-sprung Dodge, Jeep, and Ford models) Result: You hit a bump, and the steering wheel moves first one direction, then the other direction.  The steering wheel will also pull out of your hands when you hit the brakes, sometimes DIVING into the next lane over.  Scary stuff! Solution: You need to make the Track Bar and the Drag Link parallel to each other....but it's not quite that simple. Explanation: When a coil-sprung vehicle's front suspension compresses, like during...

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