Jeep Cherokee XJ (1984-2001) & Comanche (1986-1992) Install Guides — Steering Box Brace Install Guide

XJ/MJ/ZJ Steering Box Brace Install Guide

Click Here For PDF Installation Guide for Hard-KOR Steering Box Brace 1) Remove the factory front skid plate under the radiator, if your model has one 2) Locate the anti-sway bar, which is a bar about 1" thick that mounts on both the left and right frame rails 3) Remove the clamshell clamp bolts holding the anti-sway bar to the driver-side frame rail 4) Replace the clamshell clamp with the new clamshell clamps you picked up from the auto parts store (or ordered from us) threading both bolts in only 3 turns. 5) Do the same on the passenger...

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