XJ/MJ/ZJ Steering Box Brace Install Guide

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KevinsOffroad.com Installation Guide for Hard-KOR Steering Box Brace 1) Remove the factory front skid plate under the radiator, if your model has one 2) Locate the anti-sway bar, which is a bar about 1" thick that mounts on both the left and right frame rails 3) Remove the clamshell clamp bolts holding the anti-sway bar to the driver-side frame rail 4) Replace the clamshell clamp with the new clamshell clamps you picked up from the auto parts store (or ordered from us) threading both bolts in only 3 turns. 5) Do the same on the passenger side frame rail. 6) The steering box brace mounts between both frame rails utilizing the FORWARD-MOST clamshell bolts on each anti-sway bar clamp on the ZJ Grand Cherokee, and between both frame rails utilizing the REARWARD-MOST clamshell bolts on each anti-sway bar clamp on the XJ Cherokee, circling the "neck" of the steering box, bracing it in two planes. 7) Leave everything finger-tight until you're sure that everything fits properly, then tighten down the bolts on the anti-sway bar clamps. 8) Tighten the bolts around the steering box "neck". 9) Enjoy your MUCH tighter steering response, as well as the reduced propensity for Death Wobble!

Thank you for your loyalty and your order!! -Kevin

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