Hard-KOR Cherokee XJ & Grand Cherokee ZJ Track Bar Conversions

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Death Wobble Cures: KOR-9001 Trackbar Conversion for Jeep XJ, MJ, ZJ

Imagine a fully adjustable track bar that eliminates the weak/worn stock upper tie rod end on ZJs and XJ/MJs factory track bar and will allow for AMAZING amounts of droop and tighten up your steering responsiveness at the same time.  This kit includes a modified upper track bar mount and the highest quality track bar that exists, custom built specifically for us to KOR's specifications, and fully adjustable to center your front axle perfectly.  It won't interfere with any existing suspension components and will allow MAXIMUM articulation out of your front axle assembly and a larger resistance to Death Wobble.  It's been designed to work with XJs and ZJs from 0"=>8" of lift.


From the factory, your passenger front tire can only droop approximately 8" from stock height due to the upper tie rod end on the factory track bar.  Now, subtract the height of YOUR lift from the maximum of 8", and that's how much passenger side droop you have before the tie rod end binds causing wear and then Death Wobble.  You can test this yourself if you don't believe me.  Just remove the lower bolt on the stock track bar and allow it to hang.  Pretty scary, huh?  Bet you didn't know that!!  That's the maximum it will go before it binds on itself, which is a future failure in the making!!!  Other track bar manufacturers use Heim® joints and Johnny® joints in a vertical orientation, which allow the track bar to drop a bit further than stock, but still not as much as you need.


Due to the superior strength and thickness of our custom bar (.156 wall 1.25" OD tube), my custom interference-fit ultra-thick bushing inserts and the 1/2" Grade 8 hardware that comes included in the kit (50% more strength than stock bolts so that you can really torque it down without worrying about snapping the bolt off), you will see a higher Death Wobble resistance as the entire kit stiffens up the front suspension.  An added bonus: There are two additional benefits you may discover as well: an substantial increase in steering response (tighter steering = less wandering) and slightly reduced bump steer, most evident on the taller rigs.


Recently, I've had some SUPER-hard Rockwell Durometer bushings made by our poly molding company.  You can't get these anywhere else, folks.  The stock rubber bushing material that comes in the stock track bars is less than the 45d hardness of the "regular" bushings that we have used over the years.  The SUPER-hard bushings are a 60d harness, or 33% stiffer, giving even better resistance to Death Wobble.  Since others have asked, there is a less-than 5% increase in shock transmission to the cabin at 8" of lift, so with 4" or less, you will likely never even notice the change, but in any case, it's a very low price to pay for what MAY cure your Death Wobble completely.

Kevin: The new track bar works wonders. I had the XXX  traditional Adjustable TB and even with it, I was will getting DW. I have put over 150 miles with the new KOR bar and have not had one incident. Thanks!

-Chris Miller - Sandy, UT


A word about the change from the factory bar and bracket to yours – WOW!!! The steering feels almost as tight and accurate as my buddy’s Boxster! And the constant clunking, shaking, and imminent death-wobble that plagued nearly every minute of travel, gone! There is a HUGE difference; the truck feels better than new! In all my years of playing with cars, I don’t think I’ve installed anything that’s made as significant a difference as your track bar conversion! Definitely money well spent. As always, I will continue to shout your name and website from the rooftops to every Jeep person I find!     Greg Dubbe - Longmont, Colorado.


About the track bar.....I was considering the track bar but am SOOOOOOOOOO glad I got yours.  I absolutely love it!!!!!  I had death wobbles that I have been living with for quite a while now. Some of my friends have "supposed wobbles" or "sissy wobbles" but not the true hard core steering-wheel-flying-out-of-your-hands death wobbles. Your setup is so much better (I'm sure I don't need to tell you that) than the competitions.  Cant wait to ramp it again as I know my stock bar was holding me back. Thanks again!!!  I REALLY appreciate the customer service!!!  I was so happy to find that it was at my door two days after ordering.  Please don't change the way you handle your customer service no matter how big your company becomes.  Very refreshing in this day. 
-Matthew Shemenski


Your Adjustable Trackbar w/ super hard durometer bushings ROCKS!!!   Cured my DW!  The manufacturing and powder coating is top notch.

James Stott - Ventura, CA


Hello guys,  I would like to thank you for a great product!!  I purchased the TB conversion and installed it last week end. HUGE difference!!!  I had a XXXX bar and was having problems with it eating bushings. Come to find out a weld had broken in the stabilizer mount that the XXXX bar uses. (Poor design on their part)  Now all the "popping" is GONE!!!

-Brian Schoonmaker - Meriden, CT

Here's what the kit will look like under your Jeep:

This item has a "core-charge deposit" attached to it, which will be applied to the price in the shopping cart.  I NEED THESE BRACKETS BACK FROM YOU GUYS!!!  I don't want to keep your "core-charge" money...I want the brackets back, and if you don't send them back to me, I have to buy them somewhere else, and that costs me time and money, which eventually gets passed back along to you guys.  So, when you get the kit installed, simply take your old bracket & mail it back to us, and we'll pay you for your core!

WITH YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS AND CONTACT INFORMATION and I will promptly send you a check back for the core charge.  Alternately, if you want more parts from our Manufacturing Division, I will put your core charge credit on file for you to use ALONG WITH $10 EXTRA, compliments of Kevin, to be put toward the purchase of another "KOR Manufacturing Division" part (ONLY) in the future. SURFACE RUST IS OK, BUT IF YOUR BRACKET IS PITTED OR BADLY RUSTED, WE CAN'T USE IT!!!!!!!!


Kevin's Horizontal-Mount Track Bar Conversion Kits

(OPTIONAL) Super Hard Durometer bushings for increased Death Wobble resistance Black and hard as concrete (well, almost) for a rigid connection KOR-1199
Poly Bushing Special Mineral Oil Lubricant KOR-1109 Purchase from Our New Shopping Cart
'93~'98 ZJ Grand Cherokee, left-hand drive only KOR-9001 Purchase from Our New Shopping Cart
'87~'01 XJ/MJ Cherokee, left-hand drive only KOR-9001 Purchase from Our New Shopping Cart
'84~'86 XJ and MJ, left-hand drive only KOR-9000 Purchase from Our New Shopping Cart

For those who did not order a TBC but want to send me your extra brackets (must be from a ZJ or '87+ XJ), I can give you cash (price varies, depending on how much stock we have) or $10 more in credit (than what we are paying cash) per bracket. SURFACE RUST IS OK, BUT IF YOUR BRACKET IS PITTED OR BADLY RUSTED, WE CAN'T USE IT!!!!!!!!

*Note-1: The Rubicon Express Conversion uses their Heavy Duty bar and will work for added articulation, but unfortunately they are not as stiff as the JKS bar, nor is their bracket as stiff as our modified stock bracket (it flexes), so it won't give you the Death Wobble resistance that I designed my conversion kit to offer your Jeep.

**Note-2: The bar and bracket we use in our kit will *NOT* work with any other manufacturer's kit.  The JKS bar we use has a special part number for only us, and the bracket is bent/folded by our machine shop, and is not compatible with anyone else's bar or anyone else's bracket, unfortunately. If you have part of a kit from another manufacturer, my only recommendation to make this work for you is to sell the partial kit on eBay or your local Jeep board.

**Note-3: When adding an aftermarket diff cover on the front axle, bear in mind that if it's thicker than the stock one, it may need to be slightly clearanced so that it doesn't cause rubbing on the track bar.

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  • Yes, it sounds like DW to me, and yes, I would recommend the Track Bar Conversion…and make sure to pick up the KOR-1199 SuperDurometer bushings for it, and the KOR-9309 steering stabilizer, unless the one you have on there is brand new, and top-quality.
    After you get that stuff installed, make sure to re-adjust the toe-in as the final step, so that it’s not wandering so much. Wandering sucks too!

  • Hey Kevin, I have a 96 xj, I just got it back from getting a 3 in suspension lift kit put in (3in lift coil springs from rustys offroad, bilstein 5100 series shock front and back, and warrior 2in rear leaf shackles). After putting 200 miles on it, I think I am experiencing what is known as “death wobble”. Around 45-55mph I experience shaking on the right front side of my jeep. Also, the jeep feels like it wonders and it almost feels like I am floating sometimes while driving it. Would you suggest I get your HARD-KOR TRAC BAR CONVERSION from your website? Any info is greatly appreciated!

  • Hi Michael. Did you already do all the things mentioned in the article we have here?


    If so, what did you find that was loose under there?

    And, if you need more detail than what’s above, we also have a book / repair guide for Death Wobble, which can be printed and used to go from item to item in order to get a clear understanding of the problem…or even given to a mechanic to assist if you’ve done all you can personally. Here’s a link to that:



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