Hard-KOR ZJ Grand Cherokee Roof Style Light Bar

How many times have you been on a dark road or trail and wished you could see better ahead of you?

Maybe you were looking for an address in a dark neighborhood, or doing a bit of night-wheeling and wished for a full moon.

This is an inexpensive way to add lighting to the roof of your ZJ so that you can see, baby!  They include four front-facing light tabs (1/2" ID hole for light studs) and one rear-facing tab for a CB antenna.

I recommend the black powdercoating so that you don't have to toy around with the time and effort of prep and re-touching it up with spray-paint.

Make sure to take advantage of the special Intro pricing available through the end of the month!

_ "Kevin, thanks for the cool looking light bar. Here is some pix of my rig with it installed for your website" -Dan R. _

We have used a medium-quality set of import lights with success...they have a really good beam pattern, and are a great bang-for-the-buck.  Purchase a set of high-end HID ones if you prefer higher-quality lights, but the ones we're offering are a really good value, particularly for the price, so I've made them available to you also. Switches and harness are NOT included, which may actually be preferred, because you're not paying for cheap wires and switches that you'd probably not want use anyway because they don't match the interior.

"Kevin, I love the look of the light bar, easy install and the quality and service from you has been top notch. Can't wait to get my sliders! Here's some pics as promised. D.T.R., Alberta, Canada

Hey guys I got my light bar and steering stabilizer! These look awesome. Thanks again guys!!!!!!!  Brian E, Plainfield, IL

We highly recommend getting the powdercoating option, because the cost of spray paint is going to be about the same cost, and won't last nearly as long.

Hard-KOR ZJ Roof-Mounted Light Bar

Applications Retail Price Kevin's Price
'98 5.9L ZJ Grand Cherokees, no lights included, not powdercoated $159.97 KOR-4201
All '93>'98 ZJ Grand Cherokees, with (4) 130w. lights, not powdercoated $253.97 KOR-4201 +_ KOR-4209

Available Options Below

Add Black Powdercoating $13.00 PCT-797
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