How to fix a broken hide-a-bed spring and rod

Hey guys, it’s Kevin here and today I am going to show you a workaround on How to fix a broken hide a bed spring and rod. [embed][/embed] Alright so this is my high-tech hide-a-bed winch spring mount. Its a ratchet strap, very high-tech. This piece right here, this actually broke on this side. So the first thing is I went ahead ahead and stuck that broken piece in my vice and re-bent a hook onto it. I then reinserted it. Now this rod is about an inch shorter than it would have been and I was not able to stretch the spring to get it by hand. So I came up with this contraption here. I tried the screw driver, I tried vice grips, I tried channellocks, nothing would allow me to get it through the little hook there. I'm going to show you how I solved this dilemma and do this on camera, so that you all can see the results. Basically, and trying not to kill myself in the process, we should get to a point where we should be able to just fit this. If I was not holding the camera with my other hand, this should have been a faster process. Anyway, I should be able to fit this right over this loop and then release just like that. Then go ahead and release the ratchet strap. Did you know about How to fix a broken hide a bed spring and rod? Comment below. Hopefully that will be helpful to you all as well!!
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