Jeep Cherokee XJ Front Bumpers and Rear Bumpers

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Have you been looking for a unique set of Cherokee bumpers for your XJ Jeep Cherokee?  We have what might possibly be the best Jeep Cherokee bumpers on the market.  I don't say that to brag...I have actually beat both the tube-type prerunner-style Jeep Cherokee bumpers AND the plate steel Stealth-style Jeep XJ bumper mercilessly on the rocks over the last seven years, and have had no issues whatsoever, other than scratched powdercoating. jeep cherokee xj bumper front stealth wit hoop KOR-3210
These XJ Jeep Cherokee bumpers are built to the Extreme: rock-bashable, high-clearance, and the fronts allows the mounting of a winch.  Protect the front and rear of your Jeep Cherokee from a disaster with a rock or tree today.  Our XJ Jeep Cherokee bumpers (front and rear) are CAD designed, bent out of SUPER-THICK 3/16" plate steel, (which is more than 50% thicker than most of the other front and rear Cherokee bumpers on the market), built with some of the most expensive machinery available on the market.  Both the XJ front bumper and XJ rear bumper are sturdily mounted with the VERY BEST mounting system available in the aftermarket.  This CAD design "sandwiches" the weak XJ Cherokee uni-body frame rails on both top AND bottom...which is a FAR better and more solid design than how many other lesser-quality aftermarket Cherokee bumpers are made, mainly for the reason of reducing cost, I expect. jeep cherokee xj bumper front stealth wit out hoop KOR-3200
Another important benefit of our XJ Cherokee Bumpers is the weight.  It's pretty easy to slap a bunch of thick-walled steel together and call it a heavy-duty bumper...but it's FAR more difficult to utilize structural-integral triangulation into the design so that you can reduce the weight of the material and STILL increase overall strength at the same time.  For that, you need CAD.  Only a CAD designer can build a winch-mount front bumper or a tire carrier style rear bumper for an XJ Jeep Cherokee which will withstand bashing the bumper into rocks, trees, and other trail obstacles, using a triangulated substructure, and keep overall weight at a minimum.  Our Jeep Cherokee Bumpers weigh 100lbs on average, and are VERY capable of firmly holding a 15k rated winch or a 150-pound tire and wheel combo hanging off the weak factory Cherokee uni-body frame rails.  
Shipping is via Truck Freight (too large to go via UPS), and ranges from $125 to $250 depending on how close to Phoenix, AZ you are.  We'd rather ship to your business, as there is a $70 residential surcharge if you have us ship it to a house rather than a zoned-business address.
Light tabs can be drilled and mounted in the front section, but is discouraged due to the turbulence the lights will create, possibly causing your Jeep to overheat in some instances.
A note from Kevin about front and rear bumpers and rear tire carrier design...When deciding on a front or rear aftermarket Cherokee bumper for your Jeep Cherokee XJ, make sure that you take into account some of the unforeseen cherokee xj bumper rear stealth wit tire carrier KOR-3260 1) Does the tire carrier hold the tire in a way to reduce blind spots and maximize visibility out the rear?  Our carrier mounts on the driver's side, in your natural blind-spot, so that you can see both over your right shoulder AND still see out the rear view mirror, which is mostly impossible with nearly all other Cherokee tire carrier bumpers on the market who put the tire carrier in the middle, or to the right, of the rear window, blocking your view partially or completely. 2) How is the tire carrier mounted?  Can it withstand a washboard road with the weight of a 35" tire on a steel wheel mounted on it?  That's up to 150lbs in some cases, just rattling around back there on the bumper!  Our tire carrier uses a patented cam-latch, which utilizes an easy-to-open lever which puts constant tension on the latch and hasp assembly which completely eliminates rattles from your carrier.  And, you can actually lift the entire rear end of the Jeep off the ground with a forklift from OUR tire's that for strong? 3) What sort of hinge is included?  Our XJ Cherokee rear bumper uses twin 3/4" Heim joints, which not only has over 12,000 lbs. of radial load capability EACH (there are two...that's 24,000 lbs. total), but are also easily replaceable as they wear over time.  Because of the design, you are also able to fine-tune the height of the carrier up and down so that it enters the latch properly (just like a factory car door) by threading the Heim joints inward or outward.  Utilizing this design also makes it possible to completely remove the carrier from your bumper very easily if you wanted to. 4) Our XJ Cherokee bumpers are built with 1/4" ultra-thick steel plate in the center sections (between the frame mounts for added rigidity) and 3/16" thick steel plate everywhere else, which is more than 50% thicker than even the most well-known brands of Cherokee bumpers.  Have you ever seen a (well-known brand) front Jeep winch bumper BEND IN THE CENTER during a heavy winch pull?  I have, with my own eyes, and that's why we use 1/4" and 3/16" steel with fortified 3/8" thick CAD-designed frame rail mounts!  This bumper ain't going ANYWHERE once you mount it up, even when you're using your winch. 5) Our XJ Cherokee bumpers allow for the best approach angle and departure angle currently available in ANY aftermarket Cherokee bumper manufacturer, 'cause that's how we roll, playa.  Check out the clearance! 6) Our winch mounting plate is inserted inside the front bumper, all the way down, so as to not give you overheating problems like some of the other aftermarket bumpers have been known to cause.  Can you imagine spending the better part of a thousand bucks on a bumper, and then find out that it causes your Jeep to overheat?  Talk about an unpleasant wake-up call?  We've designed these Cherokee bumpers to stay below the factory air intake area for the radiator, so as not to block the flow of air, and furthermore, allowed the bottom of the bumper to allow the flow of air around it as well.
jeep cherokee xj bumper optional d-ring tabss KOR-3999 D-ring tabs for the stealth XJ bumper are a $45.97 upgrade, and I HIGHLY recommend them. jeep cherokee xj bumper front pre-runner style KOR-3110
Also available are our Pre-Runner Style bumpers, which are nearly as beefy, but are a tad lighter.  Click on the images below for a larger photo.
S/H costs: By Truck Freight only.  A business with a loading dock is $60~$80 cheaper than a residence.THINK IN BULK: Buying two bumpers at once reduces your shipping cost by around 60%.  Two bumpers on a pallet only costs about 20% more than a single bumper on a pallet to the same zip code!ALL BUMPERS COME NON-POWDERCOATED.Krylon spray paint works well, and so does POR-15.  Even if you decide you want professional painting or powdercoating, you can probably have your Cherokee bumpers powdercoated AFTER they arrive locally for less than I can charge you to do them.  Do some price comparisons before ordering.  Just trying to save you some money.-Kevin-
For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about specific details on our bumpers, click HERE
(all bumpers fit 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997,1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001 Jeep XJ Cherokees )

HARD-KOR Stealth Front Cherokee Bumper for all XJ model Jeep Cherokees

HARD-KOR Stealth Rear Cherokee Bumper for all XJ model Jeep Cherokees

Tube-Style Front PreRunner Cherokee Bumper for all XJ model Jeep Cherokees

Tube-Style Rear PreRunner Cherokee Bumper for all XJ model Jeep Cherokees

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  • The best looking and most functional bumper I know of for the WK is built by our friends over at . Here is a link:

    ARB also makes one, but is severely lacking in the ground clearance department in my opinion.

  • Love the photos u have of front & rear bumpers. Do you have bumper options for 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee? (4×4, 6cyl)

    Andrew Buck

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