WJ Custom Steering Stabilizer Setup

Have you done everything you can to get rid of the dreaded Death Wobble, and are even more frustrated now than you were previously? 

We've done a lot of Death Wobble cures here at the shop, and have found that for some reason, the WJs seem to have a higher propensity for Death Wobble than the XJs and ZJs do.  We think this is because the steering stabilizer is mounted between the tie-rod and the axle on the WJ Grand Cherokee, rather than between the drag link and the axle like on the XJ/ZJ/TJ Jeeps.  Anyway, below is the kit to add a second steering stabilizer between the drag link and the track bar, which has cured HUNDREDS of WJ Grand Cherokee cases of "uncurable" Death Wobble in the last 6 years that we've designed and begun selling it.  IT CAN ALSO BE USED TO RELOCATE YOUR PRIMARY STEERING STABILIZER LOCATION UPWARD IF YOU DON'T HAVE DEATH WOBBLE, BUT ARE TIRED OF IT GETTING SMASHED ON THE ROCKS. 

There are two kits: the 1.00" OD Anti- Death Wobble kit for FACTORY-size trackbars, and the Anti- Death Wobble kit for the 1.25" OD Heavy Duty track bar, similar in size to the adjustable JKS model sold HERE

Ideally you'd upgrade the factory WJ trackbar at the same time to the extra-beefy JKS model if you have not already done so, because it REALLY helps keep the axle firmly planted, rather than oscillating back and forth under your Grand Cherokee when you hit a bump and the entire front end starts shaking like crazy. 

You can use this Anti- Death Wobble kit with either the factory drag link or the Hard-KOR upgraded drag link we sell HERE.  If you have the cash, there is no substitute for the combination package of the Anti- Death Wobble kit (secondary stabilizer), a new primary steering stabilizer, a new JKS track bar with Hard-KOR bushings and a new Hard-KOR Tie-rod and Drag-link. 



Kevin, I have a 99 WJ with a Tera Flex 4-inch lift on it.  I have had death wobble for several months now that I could not fix.  I replaced tie rods, tires, track bar, had the caster angle changed, replaced the steering stabilizer, and more.  Nothing was working. I had already replaced the original stabilizer so I went ahead and left that one on.  I figured two would be better.  I purchased a Steering Stabilizer relocation kit and dampener from you, and the problem is fixed.  I tried everything else first when I should have just tried this.  Maybe if someone else reads what I went through, they wont have to go through it as well. You have a new customer for life. Thanks a bunch.
A satisfied customer, Scott M., Westminster, CO
I just installed the Dual SS and thought id let ya know that it did its job! awesome product will be doing business again! Blake, Deland, FL

I just wanted to let you guys know the JKS Track Bar and your WJ dual stabilizer kit worked better than I could have dreamed!  Before when I hit bumps the steering would shudder and, if above 40 m.p.h., there was a high chance of severe death wobble. This is great!  I have been living with the problem since I bought my WJ 2 years ago. 30k miles of agony later I saw this kit.  God Bless You Kevin's!  My jeep drives like it always should have.   Thanks again, Tom C., Port Angeles, WA


The kit comes with the following:

  • Your choice of a new Hard-KOR or Old Man Emu steering stabilizer
  • Two Heavy Duty clamps (size varies per track bar OD)
  • Mounting hardware for both ends of the stabilizer

Hard-KOR Secondary Steering Stabilizer Kit

'99-'04 WJs with a stock track bar

'99-'04 WJs with a JKS or other aftermarket 1.25" OD bar

Add on a primary Hard-KOR stabilizer so you can two fresh ones (includes WJ mounting hardware)


Due to the seemingly ever-increasing cost of the OME products, I spent some time sourcing a private-label steering stabilizer that we've found works every bit as well as the OME stabilizer does, and better.  We tried many different manufacturer's stabilizers out on our Jeeps, including all of the big names and some of the small names, and we found that there was only one manufacturer who could make a steering stabilizer that equalled the OME in quality and in dampening, and did NOT offer a steel "rock guard" (which we've found to get smashed on rocks and bent so badly that steering is majorly hampered), so we struck a deal with them, buying them in bulk to drive down your price.  Our new Hard-KOR stabilizer is equal OR BETTER in every way to the OME stabilizer, and we are VERY happy to not only offer you a product that's as high a quality, but also, costs you less.  And, possibly best of all, it comes in white, lol.  It's a win-win situation for you!!

Anyway, I have added in the Hard-KOR Stabilizer to our pricing below, and know that you're going to love the way it feels.  If not, no risk...just send it on back to me and I'll give you a full refund less shipping.  That's how strongly I feel about it.   -Kevin-

Like all of the products you'll find on our website, we've tested and replaced part after part until we've found the most desirable one for a particular application on the market to sell here on our website.  The KOR and OME steering stabilizers are hands-down the clear and distinct winner when it comes to a controlled ride and improved resistance to Death Wobble, irrespective of what ANYONE else says, and we know this because we've tested them all.


Designed to reduce the effect of wheel "flutter" and improve the feel, handling and control of the vehicle, our Hard-KOR steering stabilizers will also reduce the aggressive jerking of the steering wheel over rough roads without affecting steering wheel on-center return. Steering stabilizers are usually fitted forward of the front differential making them prone to rocks and other damage. Old Man Emu stabilizers feature a twin tube design and heavy gauge steel stone guard.  A can of spray paint will allow you to paint it to match the scheme on your Jeep if you aren't a fan of "safety yellow", lol.  If you have a WJ, make sure to purchase the add'l "WJ HARDWARE KIT**".



NOTE 1: OME raised prices April 2007, Oct 2007, March 2008, and May 2008

NOTE 2: The Hard-KOR Kit intro price will only last for the first few months it's available.

Currently we do not offer the hardware kit separately.


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