WJ Transfer Case Skid Plate

Available for all years of Jeep WJ Grand Cherokees. Our Hard-KOR® Skid Plates are "Rubicon Tested, Moab Approved"™. We've been selling skid plates successfully and with lots of positive comments since 1999, and have saved our customers literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage on their rigs. Hit the trails with confidence before a rock you thought you'd clear, but didn't, ruins your entire trip. WJ TRANSFER CASE SKID PLATE This may be the toughest t-case skid plate we've EVER built, due to a new mounting design and force-vector triangulation to distribute the forces of coming down on a rock across a HUGE area, rather than centered on a very small spot, which is typical on the market. Make no mistake...if you want the best, you've found it. Nothing we've found on the market compares!
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