ZJ Grand Cherokee Tow Points and Radiator Support

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  ZJ Grand Cherokee Tow Points and Radiator Support Are you missing factory tow hooks or looking to free up some ground clearance and approach angle?  Have you hit your cheap factory radiator support one too many times and dented it?  How does two additional inches of ground clearance under the radiator sound to you?  I’ve designed a replacement radiator support that tucks up out of harm’s way and will allow trimming of the front bumper to gain back massive amounts of approach angle (typically 10°~15°) and keeps your radiator from getting damaged at the same time!  Most importantly, the kit also includes snatch points, which alone would cost you around $100 + shipping if your Jeep didn’t come with the UpCountry Package from the factory. There are other aftermarket tow hook manufacturers selling factory-style tow points for $100 that are not NEAR as strong as our 1/4″ thick redundant bracing (pulls off both frame rails at the same time, rather than putting all the forces on one hook separately).  To the best of my knowledge, this is the beefiest ZJ tow point (and ONLY fortified radiator support) on the market.

After installing this item under your ZJ, another huge benefit is that now you’ll also be able to avoid off-axle pulls, which sometimes results in this sort of nonsense. Have a look at this poor sap who decided NOT to purchase tow points for his XJ Cherokee…

“Here’s a posting on our forum that I put up last night mentioning the incident I spoke to you on the phone about and how your radiator support saved the front of my ZJ.
  Some one posted a few pics of the ordeal. Maybe you can post these on your site. I’ll try to get a close up of the mount. It’s not even scratched.” -John R., Worcester, MA
This kit includes hardware and everything you need to add 5/8″ shackles (3/4″ pin) to the front of your Jeep. It’s about a 1-2 hour job, comes with all the (Grade 8) hardware you need and requires a 15mm socket with extension.  On a difficulty scale from 1-10, this is a 3.  Trimming the lower portion of the bumper is not required in order to use the snatch points, but you will have to notch the bumper out so that you can GET to the shackles.  Stock fog lights on the ’96+ models can be retained in the bumper if you desire.  Ships out the next business day if I have them in stock, which I normally do. Protect your radiator, free up some ground clearance, and add snatch points today, before you need them!!  Product varies visually slightly from photos due to update in strength.  It’s a little more low profile now as well. Safety First: You need to know how to extricate stuck vehicles before attempting it.  Warn did a great write-up on safe winching techniques HERE
(special footnote: this product is designed to fit on ZJs with stock bumpers, but it can be modified to fit in conjunction with ARB front bumpers as well as other aftermarket bumpers.  Click HERE to find out more.)
We are happy to announce that TRUCKS! has featured some of our Hard-KOR products on their recent project, including our Hard-KOR Radiator Support on their $5-Grand Grand Cherokee Build.  The episode should air on October 4th, 2008. HERE is a link to their build.
Kevin – I bought your ZJ Radiator Support/Tow Point back in the beginning of August and hadn’t gotten to use it until this past weekend. I was impressed when I got it in the first place because of the beef construction. I knew it would definitely protect my radiator a lot better then the stock tin radiator support.  Well this past weekend I got in a rather deep water hole and had to be winched out. First my friends XJ tugged me a little bit, but I didn’t budge much so we hook up a 9000lbs winch attached to a friend’s TJ. That worked a bit better but still not much luck so we hooked up a snatch block and pulled around 12000lbs and we were able to winch my ZJ right out of the hole.  Your radiator support handled the pull like it was nothing. I’m very happy I bought it for my Jeep. Whenever anyone asks about front tow points for a ZJ I will be telling them about your great product. I’ve attached a picture of the radiator support in action. You’re more then welcome to use my pic and e-mail on the radiator support page.  If it wasn’t for that support I’m not sure how I would have got my ZJ out of that hole. ~Anthony H., Ontario, CAN~

Click here to get your own Hard-KOR ZJ Grand Cherokee Radiator Support.

Don’t forget your recovery Shackles.

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  • I already have 3/4" shackles (7/8" pin) and 9/16" grade 8 mounting hardware (i was making my own support but someone stole it just before i finished it at work), would this hardware fit this support? the shackles wont but is there enough material to punch the holes out to accomodate the shackle pins?

    Bob B.
  • Doug:
    You do not have to remove the radiator, so no worries there. It’s a really simple, easy install. Aside from cutting the lower section of the factory bumper to allow access to the D-rings, and potentially rusted bolts, there is nothing else that you’ll need to deal with. The install instructions are right here: http://kevinsoffroad.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/01/ZJ-Radiator-Support-Tow-Points1.pdf


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