Zinc Plating: Yellow, Clear, or Silver?

The Dilemma...Clear Zinc, Silver Zinc or Yellow Zinc Plating?  And, why??

When we were deciding what color zinc coating to use for our non-powdercoated steel parts that are going to see moisture and salt, we were asked whether we wanted to use Silver (Clear) Zinc or Yellow Zinc. [caption id="attachment_5208" align="alignleft" width="276"]Silver Zinc on the left Yellow Zinc on right Silver (Clear) Zinc on the left
Yellow Zinc on right[/caption] It really came down to this for us...Yellow Zinc is 2x to 3x more durable when it comes to corrosion resistance, so the decision was pretty easy. Now, some folks think the silver looks better...myself included.  However, here's the great news...you CAN have it all.  Yellow Zinc makes for a GREAT primer-coat, and you can spray the parts ANY color you want, right over the Yellow Zinc coating...AND have the extra corrosion resistance...at the same time!  (How often does THAT happen in life??  LOL!)     [caption id="attachment_5209" align="alignleft" width="925"]Corrosion Resistance of Yellow Zinc versus Silver Zinc Corrosion Resistance of Yellow Zinc versus Silver Zinc[/caption] Our vendor sent us this chart in an e-mail, explaining "When comparing corrosion resistance (where all are plated to the same thicknesses), all types of silver (clear) zincs are inferior to equal types of yellow zincs.". So, yeah...that pretty much made up OUR mind...especially since you can paint right over it any color you want!  I love it when I can have BOTH :-) !!!! Make today Ama-zinc!  ;-) Kevin  
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