Rocker Panel Protection | Rocker Panel Skid Plates

Rocker Panel Protection | Rocker Panel Skid Plates

Rocker Panels are the thin sheet metal sections DIRECTLY below your doors, which you have to step over in order to get into your rig.  It's the exterior portion of the body UNDER your door sill...and can get BADLY damaged if you go offroad and don't have them protected.

We offer several different versions of our Rocker Panel Protection (a.k.a. Rock Sliders, Rock Skids, Nerf Bars, Door Steps, and numerous other terms for the same thing).

We sell heavy-duty Rocker Panel protection for a bunch of different vehicles on our website...some of them we manufacture, and others we have other manufacturers build.

Rocker Panels are made of thin sheet steel, and will dent VERY easily.  Protect your Rocker Panels today, and invest in your rig's well-being...because the price of these is going to be WAY less than the time/effort/insurance deductible you'll have to pay LATER, once you DO damage them.  


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