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Frequently Asked Technical Questions: Grand Cherokee Wrangler Cherokee - 20+ Years of Experience Breaking and Repairing Jeeps

How to Mount Shock Absorbers, Can Up or Can Down? Q&A with Kevin

How to Mount Shock Absorbers Over the years, we've received many calls from customers asking how to mount shock absorbers; can up or can down.  First of all, it depends on what type of shock you are running, as well as what application you are using them for.  Kevin discusses some of these in this video. Enjoy!

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Do I need JKS Sway Bar Disconnects? Q&A with Kevin

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Bump Steer? How To Fix: Measure Your Drag Link and Track Bar to Make them Parallel

Bump-steer Solutions and Causes, by Kevin from KOR Cause: The Drag Link and Track Bar on a coil-sprung vehicle are out-of-parallel.  (affects some coil-sprung Dodge, Jeep, and Ford models) Result: You hit a bump, and the steering wheel moves first one direction, then the other direction.  The steering wheel will also pull out of your hands when you hit the brakes, sometimes DIVING into the next lane over.  Scary stuff! Solution: You need to make the Track Bar and the Drag Link parallel to each other....but it's not quite that simple. Explanation: When a coil-sprung vehicle's front suspension compresses, like during...

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ZJ Grand Cherokee 249 to 242 Transfer Case Swap, by Wes (Solitude) - Q&A with Kevin - PhD in Jeepology, School of Hard Rocks

NP249 : NP242 Conversion Written By: Brian Wesley Free AKA: "SOLITUDE" TOOLS NEEDED: #1 Screw Extractor (It's a type of "Easy Out") 10" Monkey Wrench 8mm Socket & Crescent Wrench 10mm Socket 13mm Socket 14mm Socket 15mm Socket 18mm Socket & Crescent Wrench 5/32 Punch 9/16 Crescent Wrench (Buy a cheap one, this will be hacked) 9/16 Deep-Well Socket Crowbar Flat Head Screw Driver Phillips Head Screw Driver Rubber Mallet Hammer RTV Gasket Remover or Razor Blade Bottle Jack Jack Stand NP242 Safety Glasses (Stuff WILL fall in your face & eyes) Snap Ring Pliers (GOOD ones, Spend some money)...

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