Adjusting Your Steering Stops for ZJ, XJ, TJ, and YJ

For those of you with a ZJ Grand Cherokee, an XJ Cherokee, or a TJ or YJ Wrangler, you may have tire rubbing issues when you turn full-lock, due to taller or wider tires. Wheel spacers, like THESE, sometimes help if your tires are set too far in, but if your tires are set too far out, due to aftermarket wheel backspacing, steering stops are your friends. [caption id="attachment_2132" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Mid 80's to early 2000's Dana 30 Steering Stop adjustment"]Tires rub on Jeep front axle? Here's your answer...[/caption] There is a well-written article with step by step instructions on adjusting your steering stops, located over at that you should check out, if this is a problem for you. Literally 5 minutes and a few 5-cent flat washers can fix this really annoying problem!! Here's the link: For you JK Wrangler and WJ Grand Cherokee guys with tire-rubbing problems, the concept is the same, but will require a bit more work. You can have someone tack-weld a flat-washer into position (same place, just no bolt pre-existing from the factory), or I supposed you could also drill, tap, and find a bolt that works, too. (then again, I have a welder handy, so for me, 2 minutes tacking in a washer is a LOT easier than drilling and tapping, lol.)
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  • Adjusting Your Steering Stops for ZJ, XJ, TJ, and YJ – via @Shareaholic

    Kevin's Offroad
  • Adjusting Your Steering Stops for ZJ, XJ, TJ, and YJ

    Kevin's Offroad

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