JKS Adjustable Track Bars

The "Track Bar" is the 1" thick rod that holds your front axle from slipping out from under your Jeep or Bronco or Dodge Ram when you turn a corner.  On a coil-sprung vehicle, the track bar locates the axle a specific distance from the driver's side frame rail, and "steadys" the coil springs, keeping them from allowing the body of the Jeep to move independent (left and right) of the axle housing.

Death Wobble is often caused by this connection between the axle and frame rail not being tight enough to keep the front tires from "fluttering" or going into "speed-wobble", sort of like a shopping cart that has a bend in the frame.  The factory track bar that Jeep built is barely sufficient for stock height and factory sized tires, but when you add a little lift and put a larger (and heavier) tire on the ground with more contact patch and friction, the small Jeep track bar is not enough to take the forces, and actually "accordians" in and out under force because it's just not up to the task of holding the axle solidly under the vehicle.

These are the beefiest aftermarket track bars on the market, folks (25%+ thicker than factory size, and over 50% more stiff), and the only track bar on the market that I feel comfortable hanging my reputation on.  Yes, there are others, and no, I don't recommend them.  The JKS track bars are the best you can buy, and are only a few bucks more than the weaker competitors' bars.  When holding one of these track bars in your hand, you will immediately see why I recommend them so highly!  Be aware that the smaller the track bar diameter, the more flex the track bar will have, and the greater propensity for Death Wobble your Jeep will have (particularly on the ZJ, WJ, TJ and XJ).  Don't mess around...only buy the best track bars on the market.

All Adjustable Track Bars that we sell feature the following:

  • Thick .156 wall 1.25" tubing.
  • Powder-coating and zinc plated for corrosion protection
  • 1" diameter solid adjuster ends adjust 1/16" for each full turn.

  • All Bushings and Johnny joints on track bars can be rebuilt / replaced
  • Length adjustment at the axle end of the track bar for easy "fine tuning".

  • All track bars incorporate a "3 bend" design for correct alignment between mounts

  • Shipping is $12 per bar



Shipping FREE* on all $200+ JKS orders.


Also consider picking up a set of Hard-KOR Super Durometer bushings

Your Adjustable Trackbar w/ super hard durometer bushings ROCKS!!!   Cured my DW!  The manufacturing and powder coating is top notch. James Stott - Ventura, CA

Kevin's Offroad SUPER-durometer bushings

SUPER-durometer bushings (2 pair) for increased Death Wobble resistance Hard as concrete (well, almost) 60D hardness for a VERY RIGID connection.  Works on the JKS 127 and 155 bars easily, and the other JKS bars with some add'l work**. KOR-1199 or KOR 1189S

**A note about retrofitting your ORGS or JKS bar with the Super-Durometer bushings mentioned above: The 125 and 126 ORGS/JKS bars come with rubber press-fit cartridge-style bushings, rather than the easily-replaceable method of using two poly bushing halves, inserted from each side of the end loop, and then sliding the included sleeve inside.  If you have the rubber-cartridge style bushings, then you cannot use the SuperDurometer 60D bushings without first removing that rubber cartridge bushing completely from your bar.  You will also need to e-mail me to get the sleeves that go along with that.  Our Hard-KOR SuperDurometer bushings will also fit into many other aftermarket manufactured track bars, so long as their bar will accept the factory rubber cartridge bushing (ask them directly if it will), as MOST aftermarket manufacturers use the same "end-loop" size as the factory track bars, including these JKS bars.

JKS Adjustable Front Track Bars

JKS TRACK BARS: TJ Front with 0"~3.5" of lift


(left-hand drive only)

JKS TRACK BARS: TJ Front with 4+" of lift


(left-hand drive only)

JKS TRACK BARS: WJ Front with 1"~6" lift


(left-hand drive only)

JKS TRACK BARS: XJ Front with 0"~3.5" of lift


(left-hand drive only)

JKS TRACK BARS: XJ Front with 4+" of lift


(left-hand drive only)

JKS TRACK BARS: ZJ Front with 0"~4" of lift


(left-hand drive only)

JKS TRACK BARS: ZJ Front with 4+" of lift


(left-hand drive only)


JKS Adjustable Rear Track Bars

JKS TRACK BARS: ZJ Rear with 1"~6" of lift Click Here for JKS/KOR PROMO
JKS TRACK BARS: TJ Rear with 2.5"~6" of lift (does not include necessary bracket) JKS-153
JKS TRACK BARS: TJ Rear with 2.5"~6" of lift (INCLUDES necessary bracket) JKS-151b
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