How To Shift Jeep & Dodge 4×4 Transfer Case – Shifting it SMOOTH!! (Applies to 4×4 Cases built by New Process or New Venture Gear, models 231, 241, 242, 247, and 249)

Transfer Case Shifting Smoothly…the way I’ve found works best for mine, is to slow to a
near-crawl…1mph-4mph…tap the transmission up into Neutral, and
then move the Transfer Case lever into the mode you want.  You have to
push/pull it like you mean it…don’t force it…but don’t gingerly
move the lever either.

You will hear a bit of grinding, unfortunately.  It’s not a full
synchro type of case…but for as often as you’re shifting, you
shouldn’t worry about grinding the gears off.

Two additional mentions…

1) When shifting OUT of 4wd, make sure you’ve been traveling in a
straight line for the last say 5-10 rotations of the wheels (maybe the
last 50-100 feet?).  This will allow the drivetrain to stop binding up
(which it does when you’re changing direction…) and make for far
smoother shifting without that bind on there.

2) If the transfer case goes into Neutral with the engine running, and
you can’t get it into the next mode without a grinding sound…just
cut the ignition key, turn off the engine, shift into the mode you
need, and then you can restart the engine.  You have to “skip by”
Neutral in the transfer case if you want smooth shifts

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