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Kevin's Offroad

Overland Trip: Cave Creek to Verde River to Dugas, Arizona (Video)

overland, Dugas, Cave Creek, Verde River

Beautiful area to overland, particularly in the spring when flowers are blooming!

Had an awesome trip exploring the area North and East of Phoenix with some friends! This was the Dodge Ram Overland Rig’s first time out in a rocky trail type of scenario, and I’ve got to say, it did surprisingly well, even with the factory springs and the 35″ tires we were able to fit after a bit of trimming.

The extra width of the full-size truck, and the pop-up camper that sticks several inches out either side PAST the 80″ bed of the truck, certainly made a fun challenge to get it through a tight trail like this, especially with lots of overgrowth due to the rains…but after years of tent-camping…climbing into my own memory foam bed at night, having a place to cook and make my morning coffee out of the wind, and enjoying the heater at night, makes it all worthwhile to me.

We enjoyed great friends, found some AWESOME camp sites, had a few beers, tasted some amazing food, shared some fun stories, and gave each other the support we needed to get our rigs through this area with the least amount of damage possible.  I call that a VERY successful trip, and looking forward to going back soon.  -K